If I have an iPhone 11 Pro, will I notice many differences with respect to the iPhone 15?

We already know that Apple is one of the companies that take the best care of their mobile devices and therefore, it is normal that we do not find on the street devices that are two or three or even four years old. After the poor results of the iPhone XS, Apple put all the meat on the grill and released a very good device such as the iPhone 11 Pro, which improved practically all its areas. So, four years later, we wonder: will there be many differences between the two generations?

Regardless of whether your iPhone is older or younger, it is important to remember that all Apple devices have five years of support and two more years of security patches, so if you have an iPhone 11, it still has a while to go. However, if it is important to know their differences.

Differences between the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro

Apple is a company that always maintains a constant pace of development of their iPhone and that’s where the double-edged sword is, because you may think that between the 15 and 14 series there are no differences, but when you least realize, the differences between 14 and 16 are much higher until you have a phone “obsolete” from a functionalities view. It seems that iPhones do not improve, but when you least realize it, it is a revolutionary device.

External differences

The screen size is one of the big differences between the two generations, since the iPhone 11 Pro is equipped with a 5.8-inch screen, while the iPhone 15 Pro has a 6.1-inch screen. This may seem a minor novelty, but if we add that the increase in brightness that has had the iPhone, the iPhone 15 has a capacity of 200 nits of brightness, much higher than the iPhone 11 Pro.

Another difference in the display we have in the Pro Motion screen, which allows a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz for a smoother appearance of content and scrolling.

Another very interesting aspect is the action button. As we already know, Apple’s new more professional generation will incorporate a new action button to replace the company’s iconic mute button. This button will allow us to carry out quick and personalized actions with it, which will give us a new way to interact and enjoy with the iPhone.

Finally, we have to highlight the arrival of USB-C. Apple, will definitely abandon the Lightning for the USB-C port, which will lead to new rates of file transfer and connection with our iPhone.

Minor differences

The first and most obvious of all is the processor. It is true that the chip of the new iPhone 15 Pro manufactured by TSMC in a new 2 nm architecture is 72% faster than the A13 chip of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Following this argument, as of today, a person who has an iPhone 11 Pro is not going to be worried about the performance of the device, as it is going to have an incredible performance in any scenario and a fluidity characteristic of Apple equipment. Therefore, it is the least differential point between both generations, despite the most obvious difference between them.

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