Announced during the last WWDC, Apple has highlighted their new version of iOS. Among the plethora of new features available with iOS 16, there is one that should delight iPad users, but obviously not all because Apple has announced that certain features will not see the light of day on certain models.

iOS 16: the addition of the Stage Manager

If you are the type to open 40 tabs during your research, Apple has thought of everything and offered us when announcing iOS, the Stage Manager feature.

The goal here is to provide a reliable and convenient multitasking experience that automatically manages windows and applications so you can easily switch between them. This is a first for tablets from the apple brand, the Stage Manager functionality allows you to easily juggle between groups of windows with multiple settings, such as window size, very flexible drag and drop and window groupings for an à la carte experience.

What impressed above all was the support for an external screen in complementarity with its iPad, allowing us to open 4 applications on each screen up to a maximum resolution of 6K.

Obviously, this power comes at a cost, which can be expensive, to the point of not offering it to users of certain iPads, even compatible with iOS 16.

The essential M1 chip for Stage Manager

If you want to take advantage of the Stage Manager functionality, you will have to be a happy owner of an iPad equipped with at least an M1 chip.

In effect, the power required by a large number of applications open on Apple machines could require at least an M1 chip, so the fifth generation iPad Pro 12.9 inches, a third generation iPad Pro 11 or an iPad Air 5.

Stage Manager being one of the features most awaited by users, Apple expressed itself by announcing that Stage Manager is a “fully integrated” experience which offers the possibility of opening 8 applications simultaneously, hence the need to use the computing power of the M1 chip, and in the future, the M2.

As a reminder, an iOS beta for developers has already been available since the announcement of iOS 16 at WWDC. A second test wave will be available to everyone by July open to all users. However, if you want to use iOS 16 on your iPad, you will need to have one of these models.

  • All iPad Pros
  • At least 3rd generation iPad Air
  • The 5th generation iPad minimum
  • The iPad mini of at least 5th generation

If you want to take advantage of Stage Manager, you will need to have a model mentioned earlier in the article.

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