World superpowers – USA, China, Russia – can destroy one another with their arsenal of cyberattacks.

News about cyber attacks is appearing more and more often in international media. Overall, in 2021 the number of cyberattacks on corporate websites increased by 50% compared to 2020. According to CheckPoint, in 2022, the number of such attacks will increase. The resources of infrastructure facilities (education and health care) and governmental organizations are attacked

the most. For example, over 70 Ukrainian state resources (the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Health, the Data portal, etc.) also came under attack from cybercriminals.

The New York Times titled journalist, and global cyber security expert Nicole Perlros has analyzed this issue in depth. This is how they tell me the world ends,” her book about information warfare and cyber security became a bestseller in 2021. And I highly recommend you read it because it is relevant to everyone who uses digital devices.

Indeed, it is necessary to think about cybersecurity, not only the Internet. Sides of the conflict can also use any software for education in cyberspace. We think about services that help with python homework when we think about educational digitalization. But in fact, this field is much more developed than we imagine.

The global cyberwar has long since begun and is in full swing, without overreaching. The world superpowers – the U.S., China, and Russia – can destroy one another with nuclear weapons and their arsenal of weapons. Moreover, these countries have “broken down” one another long ago and have lost the most critical objects of enemy infrastructure (nuclear power plants, rowing, military and space equipment, etc.). The only thing that disturbs them is the similar reaction of other countries in response to their actions, as it is the same concept of assured mutual destruction as in the case of nuclear weapons.

The governments have long since lost their monopoly on cyberweapons.

Absolutely everything that exists digitally or electronically can be accessed and stolen. Even if the device or software is not connected to the Internet or any other network. Also, not only the software is broken, but also all technical devices (hardware). Moreover, it is possible to gain access to devices through the software. For example, you can reprogram the microprocessor of any device at any distance with the help of radios. Or gain access to any phone, if it is found in the zone of specific WiFi, without connecting to it. This is nothing new – this is how things have been going on worldwide since the Cold War.

The governments have long since lost their monopoly on cyberspace, and this industry is highly democratized and commercialized.

What is wrong with the cyber security market in Ukraine? There is nothing wrong with it, and it has great potential – and this is what it has.

Anyone can buy such a cyber arsenal as that of the superpowers for a certain amount of money. Everyone can steal, “hack,” and control anyone. Cynical cybercrime professionals say that there are two types of organizations: those that have been hacked and those that do not know about it. I think the same can be said about people from other countries.

Moreover, private companies and single hackers worldwide have cooperated with governments for a long time, sometimes even working simultaneously for hostile parties. Often private companies and enterprises are, in fact, divisions of the intelligence services or even the military forces of certain countries.

The number of cyber-attacks has increased, and it is likely to grow further. In addition, the pandemic has significantly increased digitalization processes, which cannot be stopped or reversed. And the issue of cybersecurity will be even more acute and urgent. This is our reality, which is worth knowing – because it is hazardous not to be aware of it.

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