College life is challenging. You always have a lot of projects to work on, essays to be done and other papers to be completed. Firstly, you try to do everything yourself. However, one day you realize that life is passing through so you ask yourself “Where can I pay someone to write my research paper for me” so you could finally decrease the stress and start enjoying your life.

Student funds allow their owners very little. As a rule, everything is limited to going to the cinema or visiting an inexpensive eatery. But if you know the places and connect your wits, you can spend a fun and creative evening without spending a penny. Well, or not spending much at all.

Let’s see what leisure options are available to students living only on a scholarship.

College events

The one where you study, or the one where your best friend is gnawing at the granite of science.

Educational institutions often hold events, and not only of an educational nature. This could be a party, an amateur competition, a student initiation, or something else just as fun and interesting.


If it’s a warm time of year, you can have a small picnic with friends. Let everyone grab something from the fridge and come up with an interesting contest or outdoor activity.

In winter there is something to do in the park, too. You can recollect your childhood and make a snowman, have a winter photoshoot on your smartphone, or just breathe in the frosty air. Anything, as long as there was some companionship.

Book Club

This type of leisure activity is very popular. The idea is that all participants read some work by a certain deadline and then gather and discuss it.

As part of the event, a small “buffet” can be arranged. Tea, coffee, and cookies, or a tasting of something unusual.

Hobby Clubs

Start a knitting club, an embroidery club, a jigsaw club, a pie baking club – anything that you and your friends can do together.

It’s a great pastime that involves not only a passion for the work but also lively communication. Not only will you learn something new, but you’ll cheer yourself up.

Free days at museums

Find out exactly what day each of your city’s museums opens its doors for free or for less. Make a tour. Such relaxation is beneficial from all points of view.

Some museums are free on certain days just for students. So don’t forget to bring your student ID.

Library events and exhibitions

You rarely have to pay for it. Everyone who uses the library’s services can see exhibitions at the library. Moreover, libraries quite often hold meetings with writers, artists, and musicians. So keep an eye out for announcements so you don’t miss anything.

Meetings with writers and presentations of publications are held not only by libraries but also by bookstores.

Mini-shopping at one-price stores

When you want to treat yourself to something new and you only have a few dollars in your pocket, one-price stores come to the rescue. What is not to be found there! Sometimes you find very beautiful things that delight the eye and soul.

Such light shopping will not bankrupt you, and at the same time will quench your thirst for shopping. For many people, such a pastime is real psychotherapy.

Vocal and choreography competitions

Usually, these events are paid for by participants, but the entrance is free for spectators. But, of course, you need to know where and when such competitions are held.

Surely you have friends who are fond of dancing, acrobatics, or vocals. Express your willingness to attend the next performance.

Free student plays

Acting students need someone to practice on. They’re not quite professionals yet, but they’re very close to it, so there’s every chance to enjoy a performance performed by students just like you.

Check the program schedule for upcoming free performances in your city. By the way, sometimes even professional theaters offer them. For example, you can attend the dress rehearsal of a production or an ordinary rehearsal, if they are open to the public.

In Europe orchestras often hold rehearsals outdoors, and everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the sound, sitting on a bench or in a nearby cafe.

Seminars and trainings

A series of lectures by a well-known expert in a particular field will of course be expensive, but sometimes institutions or centers arrange free meetings and seminars. Anyone can take part in these.

Watching movies together

On the billboard of your city, you can find a very interesting format. Someone at home organizes a themed meeting of film lovers where 10-12 people get together to watch and discuss a certain movie.

You can organize the same meeting yourself by gathering your friends around the home theater. The main thing is to warn your roommates about the raid of movie buffs on your apartment.

Planetarium or Astronomy Playground

You can look through a telescope (but only if the weather is good) and listen to a lecture about the stars and planets for free or at a low cost.

The planetarium offers discounts to full-time students. So a student ID comes in handy here, too.

Stand-Up Show

At the free events of the format “open microphone” all who wish to try themselves in the field of humor perform.

The forms of performance can be different. For example, sometimes full interaction is allowed, when the audience actively participates in the performance of the comedian. Sometimes the audience simply tosses him the theme. Either way, you’re sure to put yourself in a good mood.


For anything: acting, public speaking, conducting tea ceremonies, painting landscapes with cotton buds, etc. Workshops can be held at creative centers, museums, and cinemas. Sometimes workshops can be attended completely free of charge. Let you get just one lesson, but it will provide a lot of impressions. Maybe that evening you will get a new hobby.

Themed parties and get-togethers

For fans of extreme sports, jazz, steampunk, the German car industry, or something else. As a rule, meetings are organized by big fans of their hobby, who are set up, first of all, to find like-minded people, not to make a profit.

Such evenings can be free or require small contributions on a charitable basis. But you will meet a lot of interesting people with whom you will have a lot to talk about.

Leisure – it’s great. And when it’s organized creatively and with a twist – even better! However, no one canceled the educational tasks. Make sure to finish all your writing assignments or leave them for the best cheap essay writing service, so you could enjoy your rest without worrying about your academic performance.

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