How to use the Fitbit Charge 5 to find your phone

How to use the Fitbit Charge 5 to find your phone

A recent Fitbit Charge 5 software update introduced a new “Find Phone” feature, as first reported by 9to5Google. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What’s new in Fitbit Charge 5?

Software update 1.171.50 adds a new Find Phone feature to Charge 5. It works exactly as it sounds: It lets you find a lost phone nearby. Previously, Find Phone was only available through Fitbit smartwatches (including the Sense and Versa 3). But now, with this latest update, the Find Phone seems to be more widely available, bridging the gap between fitness tracker and smartwatch features .

But there are some caveats you should be aware of (which we detail below).

How does Find Phone work on Fitbit Charge 5?

Once your Fitbit is running the latest software, go find the new Find Phone option. It’s between Screen Wake and Water Lock on the watch face (swipe down from the top of the screen). When you touch it, an app opens with a “Find Phone” button. When you press that button, the paired phone sounds an alarm. Although it is a complicated process, it can be useful for some users.

Are there any warnings?

If there are some. Finding the phone will only work if the phone and Bluetooth are turned on, and if the phone is paired with the Charge 5 and within 10 meters of the wearable. The Fitbit app must also be running in the background on your phone. Once the phone is located, tapping “Cancel” will stop the sound.

What is the Fitbit Charge 5?

Fitbit released its Charge 5 last fall. It features an always-on color touchscreen display and a host of health features, such as an EKG app and daily fitness score (for Premium members). It’s not the cheapest fitness tracker on the market, but it’s certainly Fitbit’s best, offering a great combination of features, design, battery life, and price. Check out our review of the Charge 5 here.

When will Find Phone be available?

Reportedly, the new feature “should” be rolled out. The official Fitbit tracker shows that the update is now available.

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