How to update WiFi network driver on my Windows 10 PC?

How to update WiFi network driver on my Windows 10 PC?

Every day, the interaction through the network becomes much more common and indispensable. It is difficult to conceive of the modern world without internet service . Therefore, it is important to update the WiFi network driver on your devices . A wireless network adapter is now often used in order to connect your computer to the network.

Your interaction with the business world, the search for information for your study project or your conversation with friends is done through the network. For this reason, you cannot miss an effective means that helps you to be in constant communication. We have gradually displaced the cumbersome use of cables by wireless connections.

What is the function of WiFi network drivers in Windows?

What is the function of WiFi network drivers in Windows?

The WiFi driver or controller provides an interface to hardware devices . Through them, systems and applications work as an interpreter between the machine and the equipment in order to achieve effective communication.

Get Windows 10 from its official website and you can download an original product. This will guarantee you access to the necessary information to know the functions of the WIFI network drivers and to be able to install and renew them correctly.

How can you tell if your computer has outdated drivers?

Keeping them updated guarantees optimal operation of your card and provides a solution to possible errors or failures in certain circumstances. In addition to being able to solve security problems, you increase compatibility with new versions of the operating system.

Sometimes it happens that your computer takes time to connect to the network. Other times it is difficult to locate your usual service network. The cause may be that you have not updated your drivers . It is then time to do an immediate review with the aim of diagnosing your failures and solving them.

What steps should you follow to update your WiFi drivers?

First of all, we need to know what ‘Controllers’ are and how they work . Thus, being able to check if you have a wireless adapter installed . For this go to boot options and type device manager. In the dropdown menu, choose ‘network adapters’ and look for a line that says ‘wireless adapter’. If you have it, proceed to update it and solve the disconnection problems.

with control panel

After you have accessed the wireless adapter menu you will see two options. One will help you to run the update and the other to do it manually . Then you should click on the first option in order to check the latest software on the computer and on the internet.

From device manager

In this case, you will also find the option to do the manual update. If you have already verified that you have the most recent driver, you can compare it with the official version from the manufacturer . For this click on ‘properties’. In the ‘controller’ option you can see the information and the date of the controller. All this, in order to update the WiFi network driver on your devices.

What external tools allow you to update your drivers automatically?

Windows doesn’t always detect the most current version, even sometimes it doesn’t recognize your network card. Therefore, if we want to install the latest drivers safely, we must go to the official website of Intel or Realtek . There you will get the exact model of your card to access the most updated drivers.

You can also search for it with the name of the manufacturer and version of your base card . If you don’t know this information, download the HWiNFo program to look up that data. With the name of the base card, go to the manufacturer’s official website and locate your model. Then you go to LAN support to download or install updated WiFi network drivers.

IObit Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster is a program designed to keep your computer’s drivers updated . Its most recent version has the advantage of increasing the database by 28% larger than the previous one and optimizing its scanning capacity. This makes detection of driver updates faster and more accurate.

This program also increases the download speed of the latest versions and facilitates the immediate replacement of obsolete drivers. On the other hand, it adds a very novel option that gives priority when installing the latest and most stable drivers. The former allow superior performance of your PC, especially for games. In relation to the others, they offer you an operation with optimal security.


PC Helpsoft is a program whose purpose is to automatically update your PC’s drivers . Many times when you want to access shared folders you find that your PC is slow to get their location. This is where Helpsoft comes in handy. When you install it, you don’t have to search for the drivers you need for the optimum performance and speed of your PC.

This program automatically updates your device and informs you when new versions will be released. In addition, it makes backup copies of all the installed systems in a zip file that is easy to export and reinstall and thus update the WiFi network driver on your computer.

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