How to Improve Audio During Your Outdoor Zoom Meetings

How to Improve Audio During Your Outdoor Zoom Meetings

Improving your audio for Zoom meetings when you’re out is very simple, just use your computer’s microphone.
This Covid-19 pandemic has changed many work habits and workspaces. Many are now working from home, or anywhere for that matter. Some like to work outside their homes, without disturbing others of course. But for the convenience of other meeting participants Zoom certain arrangements should be made.

Improving your audio for Zoom meetings when you’re outside is very simple

Even with a headset/mic, the system isn’t perfect. Even with no one around, there is always noise around you. Be it other humans, vehicles or animals. Result: outgoing audio that is often very noisy, even unintelligible. And attendees complaining that they can’t hear you properly.

In today’s case, with a MacBook and AirPods, I used a little trick to dramatically improve my audio, a solution much appreciated by other participants in my meetings.

The problem is that the built-in microphone in the AirPods is barely passable, even with a directional mic in each earbud and software cleaning on top. That being said, the MacBook Pro I’m using has a much better solution. With the Apple Silicon chip, the machine has all the power it needs to use artificial intelligence to process the signal and rid it of interference. The Zoom app also tries to help in this regard.

Just use your computer’s microphone

So once you’ve taken your headphones out, go to Zoom > Preferences > Audio. There you will see two menus, “Speaker” and “Microphone”. Under Speaker, select AirPods. Under Microphone, select your computer’s microphone. In my case, it was titled “MacBook Pro Microphone”. And voila.

Your voice will immediately be heard much better, even if you are in the middle of the street, surrounded by passers-by and cars. Everyone will clearly hear the difference.

Many Windows computers also have excellent built-in microphones, so this tip isn’t just for Macs. Likewise, I use AirPods, but that goes for other headphones too.

You can also opt for one of these gaming headsets with microphone, however prepare to assume a new look!

Rachel Maga
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