How to get more views for your YouTube channel? step by step guide

How to get more views for your YouTube channel? step by step guide

The streaming platform is becoming more and more important for human beings, because little by little it has become a fundamental part for everyone. Where each of its users has the possibility to look at the publications of other members, as well as share their own videos with all of them.

A fundamental part when uploading a reproduction is to achieve a large number of views for it. This is due to several factors, either because the platform is used at a strategic level for any brand or company, or at a personal level to generate money with this social network.

Therefore, success in this video portal is in getting the highest number of views for your channel, if this is not achieved, it will simply be failing. According to this, here we are going to teach you the best strategies so that you can increase the visits to your YouTube channel , for this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

Learn step by step the best strategies to get many views on YouTube

Bearing in mind that success on this platform is only achieved by making each of your videos go viral , it is vital to know the best strategies that will help you achieve it. Keep in mind that the more your reproductions are seen, the more people will know about your brand, company or personal message.

Which will undoubtedly help you generate more income.  Surely you will wonder how those users who publish a video do and they get millions and millions of visits in a very short time , because all this is due to a series of strategies that it is very important to take into account.

Which we are going to show you next:

Offer valuable content

If you want to be successful in this or any other social network, it is very important that you dedicate yourself to publishing content that is of value , otherwise, it will cost you too much to be able to achieve the success you are looking for within the portal. And it is that thanks to all the popularity of this social network it has been possible to verify that nine out of ten people enter the platform daily to watch videos of other users, where the vast majority of them usually spend an approximate time of 40 minutes.

This means that the more value your content has and the more interesting it is for the public, possibly a greater number of people will want to see it. Post content that is trending and really interesting for everyone.

Create a very catchy title

It could be said that this is one of the most key points to achieve success in the social network. Well, the objective of all this is to attract the attention of the public with each of your videos, so the title of the video plays a very important role there. Keep in mind that the theme of the reproduction that you upload will surely see thousands of more reproductions, so the viewers will look for the one with a more attractive name.

In this type of case, it is recommended to place names as a kind of news or celebrity magazine, since in both areas they are experts to place striking titles. Use several words, let them know that your video is the best , the most interesting and that it is really worth watching.

a good description

Although it may be thought that this point is not so important, the truth is that it is, many of the platform’s users take the time to read the description of each of the social network’s publications, depending on them they can decide if they want see or not the content of it. This means that you can have the best video of all on your channel , but if you do not accompany it with a good text or do not add a description, it will surely make it lose interest.

In this way, you must take into account that most people want to read a very good review and thus know a little about what they are going to see. It is important that in said text you include your keyword at least 2 or 4 times as this will help you improve the positioning of your video. In addition, you must have combinations of words so that users can find you more easily when searching for topics related to those of your publication.

Create great visuals

The image you show to the public is essential for your success , this is something that should be applied at all times in life, because a good image of you will make a greater number of people interested in you. Therefore, dedicate yourself to putting the best thumbnail photo you can, especially since it will always appear as a preview in your video.

A good image there can make other members of the network interested in you , so a simple click on it can make them enter your channel directly and review each of your publications , so you can get a more views for all your content.

Collaborate with other youtubers

It is no secret to anyone that for several years a large percentage of the population has wanted to be a youtuber , with the aim of having a source of employment that allows them to generate income through the social network. This means that there are millions of people around the world trying to do the same thing as you, so the competition is quite big.

Taking this into account, the most recommendable thing for everyone is to be able to work as a team , so the interaction between channels is very important to help each other get to know each other. You should consider entering channels of people who have a very good number of visits, there you can leave comments, links to your best videos so that they can enter your channel.

If you can have a communication with some of them it would be very good if they recommend each other. It is important that you do not do this type of activity so often, since otherwise you can see yourself as a desperate youtuber and surely the results you can achieve will not be the best.

Cross media and SEO

If you are carrying out a very good digital marketing strategy for your channel and you are beginning to see the results of it, then you should consider doing crossmedia. In this case, it is very important that you start sharing each of your videos on other social networks and in this way make it possible for users to direct you to your YouTube platform.

Currently you can post on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, share in Telegram groups, WhatsApp , among many other available options. Keep in mind that the competition is too much, so it is very important to be able to apply a very good web positioning strategy within the links, which will be a very good option for you.

Post content too often

Another fundamental point to achieve the desired success in this social network is to upload content very frequently , for this you can take advantage of all current technological devices such as tablets and smartphones, since these will allow you to be more committed to each of your followers. It is also important that you take great care of the duration of your videos , as it is recommended that they do not exceed three minutes.

It has been verified through several studies carried out by professionals that after 3 minutes the visibility of the reproductions decreases considerably , since long videos tend to become boring and tedious. Due to this it is recommended that you be direct enough in each of them, if it is about how to make a paste , then go straight to it and avoid wasting time on other things that are out of context.

In addition to all this, the amount of content you upload daily is very important, as well as the frequency with which you will do it. For this, it is important that you set a kind of goal, whether it is uploading content every day, two or three times a week, every fifteen days, among others. Keep in mind that this is key to getting more visibility on your channel.

Encourage your community, friends and family to support you

As it should be done in other social networks , it is very important that you talk to people in your community, friends and family so that they can go through your channel and subscribe, as well as leave comments on each of your publications. In addition, it is essential that at the end of the playback you leave a question that may interest viewers.

Keep in mind that both the number of comments, views, the frequency of publications, all of them directly impact the rating of your videos for the platform. Take full advantage of the web at all times.

Create a very good profile for your channel

The profile in any social network is like your cover letter , this means that it is very important that all the information found there is really interesting. To do this, add the links of your other websites, other social networks, blog, add an interesting avatar photo, as well as a cover photo.

Customize your channel as much as you can so that you can make a very good impression on all those users who want to see your content. In the event that you have a video that you like and want it to be like your cover letter, then you can highlight it, this will allow it to be the most viewed by the other members of the portal.

Link other videos

One of the advantages that YouTube has is that it allows users to write links to other videos in theirs. In this way, you can start to get the most out of all this, since this way you can get more views for your other videos.

It also allows you to create lists , so you can create those that are of the same theme for the public that is interested in the topic . Doing all this will allow that when some of your videos finish playing, another one of yours will automatically start. This is widely used for those users who upload content from novels, series or chapters that require a sequence.

Disseminate your videos via blog, email or social networks

Once you have uploaded your reproduction to the platform , the next thing will be to start sharing it, since this will be what allows you to make it visible to other people. For this, it is essential that you begin to spread it through social networks, email, instant messaging groups, blog, website , and any other means of communication available.

Collaborative networks. The new infallible strategy to grow on YouTube?

To finish, we present to you what has become YouTube’s new strategy to be able to grow within the platform. As mentioned above, today it is essential to be able to collaborate among youtubers, which is why this entire tool has been called collaborative networks.

As already mentioned, it is no secret to anyone that a large part of the population has begun to work as youtubers , from ordinary people to artists and celebrities, all with the aim of being able to generate money through the social network..

For this, these people are dedicated to publishing content of all kinds, especially content created by themselves. However, since there are so many people doing the same thing, being able to make themselves known or stand out in this world is a bit difficult , which is why, through the collaborative network strategy, they want to ensure that YouTubers can collaborate with each other . How can you get this?

For this, it is recommended that they interact between channels , that is, if one of them already has a large number of visits, then you can promote the channel of another one that has fewer visits. It is also recommended to make comments between the channels, this with the aim of making themselves known and taking advantage of the success of other YouTubers on the platform. All this type of interaction will undoubtedly help those people who are just starting out in this world to get a little more visibility and interaction with the public.

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