How does YouTube work internally and how to take advantage of the algorithm of this video platform? step by step guide

How does YouTube work internally and how to take advantage of the algorithm of this video platform? step by step guide

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Being a YouTuber has been a hobby for many people since the beginning of the page, and has evolved to the point of becoming a profession, rather than a step, since it is possible to generate profits in certain countries with the monetization of the page.

However, being a youtuber is a much more complex job than simply uploading videos and waiting for the views to come. It is necessary to take into account various factors, among which the operation of the YouTube algorithm stands out .

For all you aspiring YouTubers, how the algorithm works is a point that you must understand to take advantage of it, and next we will teach you how to create videos and suitable content that will allow you to improve your views on the website.

It is a function created to connect the viewers and users of the platform with the videos related to the content that may interest them the most , so that they continue watching. YouTube’s algorithm has two main goals: to give personalized video suggestions to viewers and to ensure that they keep watching more videos . To do this, YouTube looks at your searches, the videos you play the most and all the content you consume the most.

Following this logic, you do not need to make extremely produced and high budget videos , but create content based on the trends that viewers follow, so that your video is driven by the algorithm, and appears as a recommendation for some of these users.

Learn how to create friendly content for the YouTube algorithm

In order to create content that can be boosted and spread by the algorithm, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines. To get the most specific advice, it’s best to study established YouTubers .

However, we have some tips for you to follow if you want to start your career on this platform:

Focus on one theme

One of the main characteristics that you will see in most content creators that have achieved some degree of success , is the focus on a particular theme or niche, and the production of content for people interested in this niche.

One of the best ways to choose a theme is to focus on your hobbies and skills . For example, are you a chef? You can make videos with recipes and tips for those who want to learn to cook. While there may be instances where your hobby, profession, or passion doesn’t align with the trends, creating your videos will become much more enjoyable if you focus on these as your content niche.

Interact with your audience

Beyond the selection of the theme of your channel, you need to create a stable interaction with your audience . This step is essential since it makes a big difference when working on the accessibility of your content, which allows you to decipher the most appropriate language to achieve greater receptivity in your audience.

If you have looked at YouTube videos, you have probably noticed how YouTubers often ask for likes and subscriptions at the end of their videos . This, in addition to being a means of interaction that helps you a lot in the growth of your channel, is also ideal for defining the type of videos that your audience is most interested in, which will be of great help to keep your content in that line.

Once you have obtained the information on the preferences of your audience, you will be able to focus the creation of content according to them, since despite having focused on a niche, there are many styles and video formats that will allow you to carry the material you generate . If your channel is based on video games, you can do reviews, online group games, solo games, challenges and much more.

Consistent self

By having your audience engaged with an interesting niche and engaging video format, what you need to do is maintain this audience through a video posting routine. YouTubers are always on the lookout for new content , the competition is fierce, and if you’ve managed to hook your subscribers, keep them hooked with a stable posting schedule.

Generally, many creators update content once a week, however this can vary according to your convenience. They can be from twice a week to once a month, as long as you make sure the content is what the audience expects.

It may take some time to define a posting schedule if you are a beginner. But as soon as you find the perfect beat, be sure to announce it to your subscribers, and stick to this schedule to stay on top of your videos posting , while making sure you maintain the quality that got them hooked in the first place.

Use hashtags and keywords

Investing in SEO techniques for your YouTube channel will be a great way to increase your visibility , and one of the most basic techniques is the use of keywords in the title and description of the video. In addition, hashtags make a big difference in terms of content dissemination, since by focusing the video on a certain tag, it will be easier for users to find it by simply searching for that tag in the YouTube search engine.

Best tips to grow by uploading content to YouTube

While the guidelines for creating YouTube content can be achieved very easily with just a little study of the most famous channels and some discipline, there are some actions to take, as well as to avoid, that need to be emphasized .

For your content to continually grow:

Avoid Clickbait

A clickbait consists of a thumbnail, a headline, or both, designed to be flashy, quirky, and catch the reader’s immediate attention , and while this may seem favorable, clickbait is characterized by an exaggerated and sometimes inaccurate description of the content of the article. video.

While it is true that you will see an increase in click rate with these types of thumbnails or titles, it is highly likely that viewers will abandon the video once they realize they have been clickbaited, which will cost your time . of viewing and, in turn, in the frequency with which the algorithm recommends your videos.

Write adequate and quality descriptions

The quality of the video description plays a critical role in its responsiveness and how the algorithm spreads it to other users. It is precisely in the description where the largest number of keywords are concentrated so that YouTube gives more visibility. However, it is necessary to recommend not to exaggerate with the use of keywords. The description must be kept simple and you must use clear language, with a maximum of two short paragraphs that briefly explain the content of the video.

create a routine

While it may seem like a simple step, it takes a certain amount of work and dedication to find a posting routine that works for you and your subscribers , without sacrificing the quality of the videos uploaded for the quantity of them.

As you settle into a content posting pace, try to upload videos as often as you can, as this is a factor that the algorithm also takes into account when recommending your content. Not only the quantity and quality of the videos, but the frequency of publication.

Increase viewing time

The viewing time of your channel is measured by each second that your subscribers and other viewers spend watching your videos, not one in particular, but the total of the videos that you have published, and it is one of the factors that will determine the behavior of the algorithm . One of the best ways to increase this time, as you may have seen from other YouTubers, is to encourage your audience to watch your next video or check out your already published content.

To do this, you can either ask your audience in a video, or use the functions offered by YouTube. Among these functions, Cards and End Cards stand out, which will allow you to create a link to your other videos within the video that is played. You can also make use of playlists, but always sparingly, making sure it’s natural and engaging, without putting pressure on viewers.

use thumbnails

Many times, the importance of thumbnails is quite underestimated, when very often they are the only thing that the viewer pays attention to before deciding whether to watch your video , generating a considerable impact on your click-through rate.

Some of the best features an eye-catching thumbnail can include are human expression and text. The first is because biologically, people respond best to faces and other people, while text, while used sparingly , acts as a means to include a keyword that highlights a relevant point in the video. Make sure to keep it simple, since the title will explain the rest.

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