This can also be done on macOS desktops.

When you open the lid of your MacBook, the macOS operating system plays a startup sound. This behavior also occurs on all recent Mac models and also on many other non-Apple devices. While the startup sound may not bother some people, it may bother others when you turn your Apple computer off and on frequently. Here’s how to stop it from being a torment again.

The truth is, if you have to turn on your Mac, whether it’s a laptop or desktop, it can be quite annoying to hear the same sound constantly… and this is accentuated if the usage is when your family or roommates are sleeping. Fortunately, you can disable the startup sound by following the steps that we are going to indicate and that are completely official because they use the options offered by the operating system itself that Apple has for computers. Therefore, dangers and complications, you will not find.

How to remove the startup sound on MacBooks

The process is quite fast, and the good thing about it is that you can complete it as many times as you need. That is, if you remove the sound and you want it to be active again, you simply have to follow the same instructions, but changing the final step where you remove it (silencing it, of course).

Being able to disable the startup or boot sound in macOS is certainly a positive feature. While it’s true that some people tend to leave their Macs on, many others restart them or turn them off when not in use. As a result, the startup sound can become quite a nuisance. And, as these are all options, those who don’t mind it can leave it on… and those who can’t stand it have the option to turn it off – following the steps we’ve listed.

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