In just over two years, María Becerra has become a benchmark in the Spanish music industry. The Argentine singer has accumulated hundreds of millions of listens on Spotify. She has almost 20 million monthly listeners, and her songs are already part of the soundtrack of our club nights, summers, and lives.

At the end of April, the Argentinean fulfilled her dream by announcing that her next tour will be in Mexico for the first time in October. In addition, she will be one of the artists in charge of performing during the “Velada del Año 3” organized by Ibai Llanos. And less than 48 hours ago, she surprised us again with news through her social networks.

And it is that the artist used her TikTok account to advance a fragment of her next song, Te cura, with which the Argentinean is part of the soundtrack of the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious saga. The song will hit the platforms coinciding with the premiere of the film on May 19.

In the fragment shared on Tiktok, we can hear again the urban and Latin rhythms that have always characterized Maria Becerra. She is a singer who, on the other hand, has already shown on more than one occasion her inclination towards the world of Latin music.

Proof of this? One of her biggest hits last year, Automático, a song that is included in her second album and one of the songs responsible for her award for Best Live Artist or Group in the Latin category at Los40 Music Awards 2022.

María Becerra has more than proven herself worthy of all the success she has been experiencing in recent months. Whether she wants to set the automatic, go 150 even if there’s no rush, ask the DJ to break out the dembow, or become a sugar mammy. What is clear to us is that we have many great songs left to enjoy from the singer.

And you, do you want to enjoy María Becerra’s music on the big screen? Or will you not be able to resist and consume the song through the platforms?

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