How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Alexa

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Alexa

Amazon has several models of its Echo devices , and the only one that lets you listen to your music through it is the Echo Plus. However, if you do not have this model, the others have Bluetooth technology that will allow you to connect an external speaker. In this way, Alexa will continue to listen to you through the device, but her responses and the music will be heard through the speaker.

Therefore, we will show how to add a Bluetooth speaker to Alexa to replace it with your Amazon Echo. You only need to have the assistant app downloaded on your mobile.

Steps to link the speaker to Alexa

From the specialized portal they indicate the guidelines to follow to carry out the process. 

  • The first thing to do is open the app on your mobile and access the left side menu to display its main options. Next, click on the ” Settings ” option.
  • Once in the settings, click on the ” Device Settings ” option . Once this is done, instead of selecting settings in the Alexa settings, it will be done directly in the Echo device that you want to link with the speaker.
  • Before entering the configuration, you must choose the device with Alexa in which you want to make changes. A list will appear with all the devices linked to the Amazon account , and you just have to click on the Echo that you want to connect with the Bluetooth speaker.
  • Once this is done, you will access a menu where you have to press ” Bluetooth Devices ” to go on to configure the connection between the speaker and the Amazon Echo.
  • To add a new speaker, select “Link a new device”.
  • The Amazon Echo will then start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once it is detected, click on the name of the speaker to be linked from the list that will appear below.
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