How to change font in WhatsApp without installing third-party apps?

How to change font in WhatsApp without installing third-party apps?

If you have ever wanted to change the font style with which you send messages on WhatsApp, you will have discovered that you don’t have many options.

The app allows you to use italics, bold, strikethrough and monospace on the default typology used by your mobile, Roboto on Android and San Francisco on iPhones, and there is not much more.

WhatsApp depends on the font set by default in the operating system and, although some manufacturers add the possibility of changing the font type in their customization layer on Android, the changes you make will only be visible on your terminal and not on the receiver’s, which will automatically convert the received messages to the font you use on your phone.

However, there is a way to use other types of text fonts within the “app” that are not those of Android or iOS and that are visible both in the WhatsApp of the sender and the recipient of the message. And you can do it without having to install any third-party “app” on your mobile.

You just need to use a Unicode text converter of those that abound on the Internet and which you can access with your web browser. For example,,, or You will find plenty of options to choose from if you do a search. Having this tool at hand, these are the steps you must follow:

1. Open your browser and visit, for example,

2. Write in the upper box of the web the text you want to send by WhatsApp and press Enter or Go key of the keyboard.

3. Below the box you will see your message written in more than sixty different font types.

4. Copy the one you like most, stick it in the WhatsApp text box and send the message. Your receiver will receive it exactly as you have written it no matter what font type they have set in their terminal.

Unicode text converters offer not only the possibility to apply different types of fonts in a text, but also offer other conversion options you can take advantage of: ASCII text, texts with faces, modified characters, insertion of symbols between the letters, conversion to upper or lower case and more possibilities with which you can give a completely different air to your messages without the need to install other “apps” in your terminal.

Rachel Maga
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