Pamela Anderson is divorcing for the fifth time

Pamela Anderson is divorcing for the fifth time

The actress Pamela Anderson has been divorced again. The actress of “Baywatch” who secretly married her bodyguard after falling in love during lockdown, she is single again.

For the fifth time, she has put an end to a marriage that on this occasion has only lasted thirteen months. The news of the wedding came after some photos in which the model appears in Malibu without an engagement ring, something that immediately set off alarms.

And although the protagonist has not confirmed the news, a close source has assuredThe Rolling Stone” that has already begun to file for divorce in Canada, where the couple has been living since they said “yes, I do” at Christmas 2020.

“Pamela loves how she lives”, the source has told the aforementioned medium, who also has called the marriage a “pandemic whirlwind”.

Anderson met Dan Hayhurs, in September 2020, just seven months after separating from her previous husband. After sharing several moments together fighting for animal rights, they were also very involved in a sanctuary farm that she was a builder of.

The first months of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic were spent together without separating at any time.

The interpreter joked a few weeks ago in “The Daily Mail” by pointing out that her first year of marriage had “lasted like seven” noting that the two had fit “naturally”.

After a season living in Canada, Anderson has dual citizenship, the actress has returned to California to spend more time with her two children.

In July 2019, Pamela announced her break with the footballer Adil Rami, after discovering that he was leading a double life with another woman.

Six months later she married Jon Peters, the Hollywood mogul who confessed to being in love with her for 35 years. It was their fifth wedding for both, although their love was broken just six months later, when they had not even legally formalized their marriage.

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