Former Salesforce Manager Accuses “Unknowing Discrimination” and Inequality Within The Company | GLM

Former Salesforce Manager Accuses “Unknowing Discrimination” and Inequality Within The Company | GLM

Cynthia Perry, a former senior design researcher at Salesforce who left the company in early February 2021, posted her resignation notice on LinkedIn, which made her uncomfortable with the company. The correspondence is described in detail. Protocol magazine first reported. In the text, Mr. Perry alleged that she, a black man, experienced “countless microaggression and unequal treatment” while she was enrolled.

Eventually, Mr. Perry left the company because she was “pretended to be insane, manipulated, bullied, ignored, and barely helped” by some employees. Said. The name of the other party was not disclosed.

“Salesforce isn’t a safe place for me to come to work,” she wrote. “It’s not a place where you can really be yourself. It’s not a place where you’ve thrown yourself. It’s not a place full of opportunities. It’s not a place where everyone is equal. It’s healthy. It is not a place where a good life is respected. ”

Salesforce has long advocated the importance of equality. In 2016, Salseforce appointed Tony Prophet as the first ever Chief Equality Officer. About a year earlier, CEO Marc Benioff said the company’s biggest concern about diversity was “women’s issues.”

Salesforce was one of the many companies that expressed support for blacks after George Floyd’s death.

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“Now we have to help each other more than ever and speak out for justice and equality,” he said at the time.The company said in a tweet

But inside the company, the November 2020 Diversity Report shows that Salesforce has only 3.4% of blacks in the United States and only 2.3% of blacks in managerial positions.

“For privacy reasons, I can’t comment on employee personal issues, but’equality’is one of our most important values, both inside and outside the company since it was founded about 22 years ago. We’re dedicated to driving that, “a Salesforce spokeswoman said in a statement to TechCrunch.

Perry’s case is the latest case of a black female IT engineer commenting on an unpleasant experience at a tech company. In 2020, Ifeoma Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks accused Pinterest of racism and sexism. Later, Dr. Timnit Gebru said he was fired for speaking about diversity issues in Google’s AI division. It ’s Google ’s former diversity recruiter,April Curley But shortly after Google claimed to have sacked himself for accusing the company of being “racist bullshit.”

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