Facebook posts can now be forwarded to Google Docs and Wordpress

Facebook posts can now be forwarded to Google Docs and WordPress

On April 19th, Facebook expanded its data transfer tool to allow the content of posts and notes to be transferred directly to Google Docs, Blogger, and WordPress.

The data transfer tool uses the open source project “Data Transfer Project (DTP)” in which Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple and others participate.

Until now, you could transfer photos and videos to Google Photos, Dropbox, and Koofr, but now you can also export posts and notes to the outside. Along with this, the name of the tool has also been changed to “Transfer a copy of your Facebook information”.

In order to use the tool, it is necessary to re-enter the password as before, and the data transferred between services will be encrypted. In addition, the number of data and partners to be transferred will continue to expand.

Facebook needs to be clear about data transfers, who is responsible for protecting the data after it is transferred, and hopes that this update will help policymakers, developers, and experts discuss it. He says he hopes.

For Facebook, which has been criticized for antitrust laws and user lock-in, it seems that there is also an aim to appeal its achievements ahead of legal regulations.

Anyway, as a user, I would like to welcome the increase in data portability. However, considering that the unlimited number of Google Photos will end, it seems that it will be necessary to worry about the data transfer destination.

Rachel Maga
Rachel Maga is a technology journalist currently working at Globe Live Media agency. She has been in the Technology Journalism field for over 5 years now. Her life's biggest milestone is the inside tour of Tesla Industries, which was gifted to her by the legend Elon Musk himself.