Conversa Health, a telemedicine platform that includes interactive AI, increases Series B to about 2.1 billion yen | GLM

Conversa Health, a telemedicine platform that includes interactive AI, increases Series B to about 2.1 billion yen | GLM

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Conversa Health, a virtual care and communications platform based in Portland, Oregon, will raise a Series B funding round from $ 12 million to $ 20 million on January 19th. Announced that the amount has been increased to (about 2.07 billion yen). The round, as originally announced, is co-led by Builders VC and Northwell Ventures, a venture capital firm at Northwell Health. Other investors include UH Ventures, a venture capital firm at University Hospitals, P5 Health Ventures, Epic Ventures, StartUp Health and Nassau Street Ventures, VC companies, as well as Genesis Merchant Capital, a new investor in this expansion round. And J-Ventures are included.

Murray Brozinsky, CEO of Conversa, said: “This is two major trends in healthcare, especially with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), but the need for automation and virtualization is recognized. These were on the horizon, The new coronavirus forces us to pull the horizon closer, and the healthcare system is to make it accessible to patients, improve the experience of patients and healthcare providers, and get better results at lower cost. I have come to recognize that it will be needed. ”

Brozinski actually believes that within the next decade, 80% of care will be done remotely. This will enable more personalized and evidence-based care, but will also require investment in automation, he said.

“Conversa links providers’ electronic health records (EHRs) and other patient data to state-of-the-art interactive digital care pathways and clinical analysis engines to automate care management 24×7. This will improve pre-visit and post-visit care plan adherence, reduce costs, and provide better results for patients, “said Mark Goldstein, Builders VC partner and Conversa board member. (Mark Goldstein) said. “Conversa’s enterprise platform and digital pathway library are used by providers to care for the entire patient population, as opposed to a one-off point solution. Conversa’s services fill a large gap in the market. Will give you. ”

Given the pandemic, it’s no wonder Conversa’s business has grown rapidly. As many large companies are expanding their use of the platform, the number of customers for their services has quadrupled and their financial indicators have increased six-fold.

The company team decided to hire more engineers to expand the existing Series B rounds and scale the platform to invest capital in this momentum. Brozinski believes the need for a platform like Conversa will remain after the pandemic is over. In addition, the company has already deployed support for vaccination programs within the service, not only supporting consumer education, but also supporting monitoring activities after vaccination.

“Everywhere we hear from medical institutions, we continue to need to care for the aging population, so be prepared for another pandemic, including a serious shortage of healthcare workers. He seems to realize that he has to do this, “Brosinsky said. “That makes the need for systems and platforms even higher, and the investment is a huge return rather than an additional cost.”


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