Artificial intelligence comes to Android with an official application

OpenAI announced the official arrival of ChatGPT on Android. After having launched the version for iOS in May, the company confirmed that the arrival of the platform will happen soon, putting an end to the wait in which copy chatbots emerged, which in some cases were scams to steal users’ information.

This is not the first time that this technology reaches cell phones with Google’s operating system, as Microsoft has already brought GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to phones through the Bing bot, combining it with other functions.

For now, the application on iPhone has been doing well, presenting an intuitive interface and transferring the computer experience to the mobile device with the same comfort, so it is expected that the same thing will happen with Android.

How to install ChatGPT on Android

How to install ChatGPT on your cell phone

OpenAI confirmed that the application is already available in the Google Play Store. For now it is not possible to download it, but you must wait until the last week of July to have it on your cell phone.

At this moment, what users can do is to register through the digital store so that when it is officially launched they will be notified and can download it from the first moment.

To do so, go to the Play Store, search for ChatGPT and make sure that the publisher of the application is OpenAI. Then a registration button will appear and it will be enough to press it to be on the waiting list to install it the day they enable its access.

Once the application is available, users will have to log in using an OpenAI account to access all the chatbot functionalities. In case of using the account held in the computer version, the platform will synchronize the history of conversations and continue at the same point where it left off.

In addition to this, the company guarantees the same privacy options for users and offers them the option to enable or disable the conversation history function to contribute to the training of future models.

The arrival of this application closes a waiting cycle that will expand access to artificial intelligence, without relying on a browser or a computer, but is already present on mobile devices to create content in other contexts.

Differences between ChatGPT Free and ChatGPT Plus

Access to new features, such as using Bing navigation, is one of the benefits for those who pay for the premium version of artificial intelligence, which costs $20 per month.

After removing this tool, the differences between the two versions are as follows:

– Better performance: in addition to early access to new features, subscribers have a smoother experience and enjoy the latest updates without delay. This means that those using the free version may experience limitations in accessing the site due to the high peak of users at the same time.

– GPT-4: although it is a difference that follows from the previous point, it is the highlight of the paid version. This language model is the latest from OpenAI and offers better features, such as the ability to receive text and image prompts, it is more difficult to trick, it can process more information at the same time, among other improvements.

– Faster response times: this allows the interaction with the chatbot to be more agile and not have to wait a long time for the construction of very elaborate content.

– Customer support: those who pay have direct access to the platform’s help, which will immediately help them resolve difficulties.

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