Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest cloud server on the planet reported December 7, a complete outage of its platform. Due to this problem, problems arose on pages such as Disney Plus, Facebook, McDonald’s and Tinder.

The Downdetector website, where users can report crashes that occur on web pages worldwide, registered the first errors on the server at around 5:00 pm on December 7. Among the logs, there were first failures in the pages that host your data on AWS. In total, there were about 20,000 notifications about the Amazon crash and 11,000 from AWS as such, mainly in the United States.

In addition to the flaws on these web pages, crashes were reported in dozens of online games using the same server, such as League of Legends, Valorant, Dead by Dailight, Clash of Clans, and a few more.

“We are investigating increased error rates for the AWS Management Console,” explained on the official Amazon site. They also commented that the cause of the failures had already been identified and they were working on it.

This service hosts information from large companies such as those mentioned, even governments around the world also use the server. It offers more than 200 comprehensive services, increasing agility and reducing costs for companies that use its system.

According to the Reuters news agency , this is the third drop that the company has this year. In June there was a brief outage on Amazon’s platform, including Prime Video and Alexa. In July it experienced the second interruption in its online store service, which lasted almost two hours, affecting more than 38,000 users.

The company has not returned to pronounce on the incident, but it is speculated that the fall that occurred thanks to a failure in the centralization of the administration of these services.

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