• The interpreter went to ‘The Graham Norton Show’ to talk about the new season of ‘The Witcher’.
  • The host joked that the actor plays Warhammer, which he mistakenly called “Warcraft.”
  • Actor Tom Holland, who was also present at the interview, supported his partner.

Henry Cavill went to The Graham Norton Show to talk about the second season of The Witcher , which will premiere on December 17. However, far from commenting on the novelties of this project, dozens of viewers have criticized the presenter’s attitude during the interview.

Aware that the Superman actor is a great fan of Warhammer , a miniature strategy game set in a dystopian future, Graham Norton addressed his guest with a tone that many have called “condescending” and “mocking.”

“Yes, you fly your geek flag with pride. One of your hobbies, and you have many hobbies ladies and gentlemen, one of your hobbies …” Norton told him, as the interpreter publishes content related to this hobby on Instagram. “You make me look like a weirdo,” he answered then bluntly.

However, this reply did not stop the BBC presenter. “Well I’d say you have more hobbies than a normal man. But do you paint Warcraft?” He asked, to which Cavill corrected: “Warhammer.”

“Do you paint by hand? Does everyone do that, or can they be bought already painted?” Norton continued, adding: “When you paint, what do you do with them?” “You gather them into small armies and fight against someone else’s army. It’s fun. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s fun,” replied the actor.

Actor Tom Holland , who was also present at the interview, gave his partner a hand by interrupting the conversation and making a proposal: “Can I go play? Sounds great!”

The comedian’s behavior has caused several Twitter users to lament that “geek culture” continues to be “stigmatized.” “Henry holds enough the condescension of the presenter,” wrote a tweeter, whose opinion has been shared by thousands of people.

However, other users have recalled that the host of  The Graham Norton Show tends to use the burlesque tone in all his interviews. “It is to do humor with condescension. And, if not, look at his comments from Eurovision “, has valued a tweeter.

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