Apple Watch saves Life of a Cyclist swept away by Flooded River

Apple Watch saves Life of a Cyclist swept away by Flooded River

In the UK, a news has been reported that a cyclist who was swept away by a flooded river contacted emergency services through an Apple Watch and was successfully rescued.

According to the British BBC News, a man was swept away by a flooded river Wye (the fifth longest river in the UK) with his bicycle and was washed away downstream. The man reportedly grabbed a branch there and successfully contacted Fire Control.

The rescue was not immediate, and the cyclist was discovered with the help of a passerby, and it took 20 minutes to locate and rescue him to a safe place. During that time, he clung to him and continued to talk to the firefighters using his Apple Watch.

Eventually, the cyclist was rescued about a mile from where he fell, with the river flowing “very fast.” The cyclist was grabbed by a tree branch, rescuers explained that “although we are very well trained for this type of accident, we cannot reproduce the situation of a river with high water levels at full water.”

Apple Watch has an emergency SOS function (it is assumed that there is an iPhone nearby for models that do not support mobile data communication), and you can automatically call the emergency call phone number by pressing and holding the side button. I will.

The emergency SOS situation is also equipped with the iPhone, but in this case it is possible that the iPhone was swept away by the torrent, or could not be taken out of the pocket. In that respect, it seems to be a fortunate example of how to wear the Apple Watch, which is wrapped around the wrist and hard to come off, and is easy to reach in any situation.

By the way, recent Apple Watch has more and more health-related functions by various sensors, and it is attracting attention that the electrocardiogram application is finally available in many countries.

On the other hand, the emergency SOS that can be used with past models and the point that you can find the position from the iPhone can also be a lifeline in case of emergency.

Just the other day, a kidnapped woman was tracked and protected by police by the Apple Watch, but it may be easier for a family member to have one for every contingency.

Rachel Maga
Rachel Maga is a technology journalist currently working at Globe Live Media agency. She has been in the Technology Journalism field for over 5 years now. Her life's biggest milestone is the inside tour of Tesla Industries, which was gifted to her by the legend Elon Musk himself.