Apple virtual reality glasses could be launched in June 2023

Apple virtual reality glasses could be launched in June 2023

Apple, one of the leading technology companies, has been working on the development of its augmented reality glasses for several years. The product is now in the final stages of development and is set to be launched on the market soon. This device, whose name is yet to be disclosed, is an entirely new product that will introduce the latest technology into the company’s ecosystem of devices.

Development and Launch Details

Apple began developing this technology back in 2015, and after several years of hard work and a delay in its presentation, the company is finally ready to introduce it to the market. The official launch of the device is scheduled to take place during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company typically unveils its new devices.

Incorporated Features

The mixed reality glasses will feature a crown similar to that of the Apple Watch. Users can use this dial to switch between display modes automatically. The device will integrate both interior and exterior cameras to collect information on the user’s eyes and hand gestures. This feature will enable users to interact with augmented reality and virtual reality content through eye movements, index finger, and thumb.

Additionally, Apple’s augmented reality glasses will allow users to generate their own Apps, even if they have no knowledge of programming, thanks to the incorporation of the virtual assistant Siri. The device also has a function for creating virtual avatars that users can use in virtual meetings.

Maximum User Limitations

However, the maximum number of people that can join a virtual meeting using the full avatars feature is not specified. Once this limit is exceeded, the platform will switch to split-screen with profiles like “emojis” customized as chat icons.

Rachel Maga
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