Apple launches Chrome Extension to manage Passwords from iCloud

Apple launches Chrome Extension to manage Passwords from iCloud

Managing your passwords is not easy when you use complicated ones, of course. Password managers are essential in this case.

As our digital life is extremely busy today, it contains very personal data. Data that must be protected behind user accounts. To do this, we still use those good old passwords. And for optimal security, we choose them different and complex. Hence the almost need to use a password manager. Apple offers its own, via iCloud. And soon accessible from a Chrome extension?

Soon a Chrome extension for the iCloud keychain?

Apple has its own password manager in the form of the iCloud Keychain. This allows iOS and macOS users to store their credentials on their devices and can use them to fill out authentication forms in apps and other websites. That being said, this solution remains to this day more or less exclusive to Apple products. This should change very soon.

This is what the iCloud app for Windows seems to indicate

Indeed, according to several reports, the Cupertino company would allow the use of its iCloud keychain feature on Windows and via browsers like Chrome. In the latest iCloud app update for Windows, users can see a new section called “Passwords” which, when clicked, prompts them to download and install a Chrome extension.

That being said, it looks like this feature is not yet rolling out as users report that the link the app takes them to points to a non-existent page. At least for now. This means that Apple could be getting ready to release such a feature and for those who use iCloud Keychain to manage their passwords, it could be very interesting.

Password managers are great tools. These allow you to generate complex passwords while storing them so that you don’t have to remember them yourself. If you are not an Apple iCloud user, know that there are many on the market today.

Rachel Maga
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