The Screen of Galaxy S21 Ultra saves 16% Power

The Screen of Galaxy S21 Ultra saves 16% Power

There was a rumor that a new generation panel will be adopted for the organic EL display installed in Samsung’s high-end smartphone “Galaxy S21 Ultra”, but this time Samsung Display, which supplies the panel, is a panel. It was officially announced that it is a new model that reduces power consumption by up to 16%.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch WQHD + Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with variable refresh rates from 10 to 120Hz.

In an organic EL display, a voltage is applied to an organic layer made of a very thin organic compound to make it emit light, and it is used as a display, but in the new panel of Galaxy S21 Ultra, a method is introduced in which electrons flow faster between layers of organic layers, this has reduced power consumption and improved brightness.

Smartphones have multiple parts that consume a lot of power, such as processors and communication modems, but the display is one of the parts that consumes the most power. In addition, as the power consumption of the system increases due to the support for 5G communication, Samsung’s new technology for organic EL displays is likely to be very useful.

Rachel Maga
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