Facebook predicts Major Disruption to 2021 targeted Advertising and Revenue

Facebook predicts Major Disruption to 2021 targeted Advertising and Revenue

Facebook’s fourth quarter included solid user numbers and sales, but the company was cautious about 2021.

In the financial report’s “CFO’s Future Outlook,” Facebook said it expects “advertising headwinds” in 2021.

“This includes the impact of platform changes, including iOS 14, and changes in regulatory conditions. The timing of the iOS 14 change is still unknown, but the impact will be seen in the second half of the first quarter.” The company wrote.

Facebook is already campaigning for Apple’s upcoming privacy policy. In order to use IDFA for ad targeting, you have to ask for your permission. However, PR focuses on the impact on small businesses, not Facebook.

Facebook also said that the company has benefited from two broad economic trends during the pandemic: “the ongoing shift to online commerce for shopping” and “consumer demand is moving away from services. “Towards.” But again, he remains vigilant, saying that “mitigating or reversing one or both of these two terms could be a headwind for our advertising revenue growth.”

Facebook’s fourth-quarter earnings show $ 28.1 billion in revenue, of which $ 27.2 billion comes from advertising revenue. EPS is $ 3.88. Wall Street’s EPS forecast was $ 3.22 and sales were $ 26.4 billion.

Facebook reports that the site’s average daily active users in the fourth quarter was 1.84 billion and monthly active users were 2.8 billion. They will increase by 11% and 12%, respectively, compared to the same period of the previous year.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement: “Many people and companies continued to use our services during this difficult time, and as a result, we had a good year-end. We have high expectations for the 2021 product roadmap. We want to create economic opportunities, build communities, and make people’s lives more enjoyable in new and meaningful ways. ”

As of 4:45 pm EST, Facebook shares rose 0.7% overtime.

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