Smart speakers are here to stay. The functionalities they offer are so varied that this type of device has become our best ally to know the state of the traffic, the weather in our city… Come on, a complete personal assistant at a low price. And one of its great exponents is Amazon and its Alexa voice assistant .

To say that this artificial intelligence has a large number of Alexa commands with which to get the most out of your smart speaker. Although, sometimes you don’t want functionality, but to have a good time with friends. And this is where Super Alexa Mode comes in.

It should be noted that we are facing one of the Easter eggs of Amazon’s virtual assistant. Yes, Alexa has some hidden commands with jokes to make us have a fun time. When you say any of these voice commands, the assistant responds to you in a special way. And something similar happens with Super Alexa mode.

An easter egg that is ideal for the most gamer users. More than anything because, really, the Super Alexa Mode is a tribute to those tricks of the consoles of yesteryear, where we had to make endless combinations of buttons to get infinite lives, unlimited ammunition… And in this case to activate one of the best eggs of alexa easter.

The funniest thing about this mode is that Super Alexa is able to recognize when you’re trying to activate it, so if you miss a word of the voice command it won’t say, “Sorry, I didn’t understand you”, but it’ll make a joke of the most fun.

To activate Super Alexa mode, what you need to do is say the following code:

« Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start «

If you say the correct code, Alexa will wake up and say “Ding, din, din, the code is correct, downloading updates .” But if you mess up at any point, your assistant will respond with a fun ” Super Alexa mode. ” Activated. starting reactors. Online. Enablement of advanced systems. Online. Raising donors. Error. Missing dongers. Abort”.

Without a doubt, one of the funniest secret Alexa commands that can help you laugh with that video game-loving friend who doesn’t know this fun trick.

In addition to the Super Alexa mode, there are other fun modes that you can activate, in almost all of them Alexa will propose fun games or questions to activate them, such as:

  1. Mom mode
  2. Madrid mode
  3. Teen Mode
  4. Child mode
  5. granny mode
  6. Baby mode

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