5 apps to increase your intelligence

5 Apps to Increase Your Intelligence

These mobile applications bring together a set of exercises and games to improve emotional intelligence and the general performance of the brain

In mobile application stores there are apps developed by scientists, psychologists and experts who seek to improve the daily performance of their users. Some are backed by studies that guarantee the improvement in productivity of those who use them.

There are proposals that work on emotional intelligence, that focus on the development of memory exercises or that teach new languages.


The app makes use of exercises, games, and quizzes to teach and practice languages. It is free and is available for both iOS, Android and Windows.

It has more than 32 different languages . It emphasizes reading, writing, pronunciation, conversational, and listening exercises. Shows the progress made by the user.

Fit Brains Trainee

A training program for the brain. Designed to work on both IQ and emotional intelligence. It has more than 50 games that help improve specific brain skills. It also offers more than 500 workouts.

The program improves memory, quick thinking, and agility in problem solving, skills that are very useful both in personal and professional life. It can be downloaded for free but the subscription has a monthly value of $7.99.

Rise up

Another app created to train the brain. It works with artificial intelligence and learns from the user’s interaction with it to create increasingly personalized games and exercises. It improves, among other things, memory, concentration in reading and focus.

California State University, in collaboration with Elevate, conducted a study to measure the impact of the app on the development of brain skills. The results showed that users of the app develop 69% more mental abilities than those who do not use Elevate. The study was carried out over four weeks.

It is free and available on iOS and Android.


Taking care of emotions and emotional intelligence is also important. For this reason, scientists and experts in psychology came together to develop this app. It is made up of games created to have a positive impact on the minds of its users.

The app tracks the user in order to demonstrate how much their happiness or emotional intelligence has improved since using it. However, it requires time, effort and perseverance on the part of the user for the results to be visible.

It’s free and offers in-app purchases. It is available for iOS and Android.


An app that stimulates the brain with games that are capable of improving and reinforcing cognitive skills. It has challenges and even programs created specifically for people who have been diagnosed with brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

The exercises improve the user’s short-term memory. It also offers results reporting. It is available for iOS and Android.

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