Fourth Stimulus Check

Stimulus check today Wednesday, October 13: What to know about the fourth stimulus payment in 2021

In March 2021, the United States government approved the Third Stimulus Check, in the amount of $ 1,400, which raised the amount of the three government grants to $ 3,200 since the pandemic began.

Almost immediately, rumors began about whether there would be a new payment from the government. Half a year has passed and there is no breakthrough as Congress has other priorities on the list, so a Fourth Stimulus Check looks unlikely at this point.

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Fourth Stimulus Check: New Payments Coming to These States

Currently there is no Fourth Check proposal that is discussed in Congress , since they are focused on issues such as the infrastructure law, raising the spending limit to avoid the closure of the government and the budget, in addition to other types of support such as the Child Tax Credit that continues to send support to the population.

Possible date and amount of the Fourth Stimulus Check

Since the approval of the Third Check, Democrats have had several proposals for new support. Ilhan Omar, a representative from the state of Minnesota, presented a proposal for a monthly stimulus of $ 1,200 . A group of 21 Democratic senators mentioned that figure in a letter sent to President Biden in March 2021. A group of 60 Democratic representatives also signed a letter addressed to the president to have a new round of payments.

The Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to President Joe Biden in which he requested that a new payment of $ 2000 dollars be sent on a recurring basis until the pandemic is controlled. This figure is also the one mentioned in a petition on , which has about 3 million figures for a recurring check of $ 2,000.

Will the increase in infections from the Delta variant expedite a Fourth Stimulus Check?

The United States vaccination campaign allowed the country to get closer to normality that existed before the pandemic, but in the summer, the Delta variant increased cases and hospitalizations in some regions, which re-established isolation measures.

Due to this, the population began to ask if the government would send a new round of support to help the families’ economy, but at the moment there are no proposals that are being discussed in Congress.

Date of dispatch of the Third Stimulus Check and plus-up payments | Upgrade

The IRS continues to send the Third Stimulus Check payments. October 15 is the deadline for filing the tax return, which is used to calculate the amounts of the check, so the settlement checks, known as Checks PlusUp, would take time to arrive.

Through the Get My Payment tool on the IRS website, you can track the status of your economic stimulus. If you requested the resource by EIP Card or paper checks , they can be consulted through the USPS page.

IRS: Child Tax Credit | Upgrade

One of the supports that the government continues to send is the Child Tax Credit, which is aimed at parents who have children under the age of six who will receive $ 3,600 in payments of $ 300 per month , while those aged six to 18 will have $ 3000 dollars in payments of $ 250.

The last payment was on September 15 , although there have been delays, it is expected to arrive before September 30. The next payment would be due on October 15 and so on until the last one, on December 15.

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