What is the best football warm-up?

What is the best football warm-up?

Before playing a football match, it is recommended to warm up. The players of each team are also obliged to warm up. These exercises help to prepare the players physically for the game. More importantly, they help to avoid certain injuries. To this end, there are a multitude of exercises intended for the players to work each part of the body. However, some are better than others and provide the desired results. Focus on the best exercises to do before a game!

Relaxation exercise: a perfect soccer warm-up workout

The warm-up is an exercise session that allows players to concentrate better. One of the best soccer warm -up exercises is the groin loosening exercise. This is one of the best exercises that get the abductor muscles in shape. This football warm -up activates the groin before starting other physical activities.

To do this successfully, you must first join your two legs together. Then the player must successfully take a step forward with one of their legs. He must also bend one of the legs until he reaches his waist and then open it to the side. Please repeat the exercise eight to ten times to relax your groin sufficiently. Also, don’t forget to change legs for a complete football warm -up .

A player who gives his all during the opening of the groin and respects his timer helps to avoid possible injuries that could occur during the game.

Heels-to-buttocks: to prepare the quadriceps

Besides opening the groin, the heels to the buttocks is also a great foot warm -up exercise . This type of physical exercise has only one purpose. It allows players’ quadriceps to be sufficiently stretched. Remember that when the quadriceps are not sufficiently warmed up, the player is subject to muscle relaxation. The latter is extremely painful and the injured person will have to suspend all physical activity for a while. So if you hate sitting on the bench or lying in bed, you’ll have to take this football warm -up seriously .

To succeed, you must first start with a jog. Walk around the pitch for at least 15 minutes. After this time has elapsed, begin to lift your heels towards your buttocks. Don’t stop running in small strides. Please repeat the movement for a few tens of minutes then stop.

You can also exceed this time if your quadriceps are not warm enough for more intense activity.

Knee raises: for better muscular performance

To give your best during the game, you must be productive enough. You must succeed in running in all directions and above all in carrying out practically all the gymnastics possible to avoid defeat. That’s why before starting you should do knee raise exercises . It is a type of physical exercise to be favored during the football warm -up . This is one of the best methods to stimulate the potential of your muscle groups. If this is not the case, during the 1h30 minutes of the match, you will have hip problems.

To succeed in this football warm -up , you must be able to bring your knees to the height of your hips. This while running. In order to be sure that you are successful in this football warm -up , you must feel your quadriceps stretch.

Imaginary ball passes: a football warm-up to prepare the minds of players

For a very good performance and above all to prepare the minds of the players, the coach must include kicking exercises in his football warm -up programme. This type of physical exercise allows players to get into the game. This is a very important exercise to practice before the game itself.

To succeed, players must first start with a jog. After a few minutes, they must give imaginary passes. These passes must be well measured. Please alternate both legs lower. By practicing this football warm -up , you will have the impression of playing a ball, but, imaginary.

Please remember that this football warm -up must be repeated several times while trying to go further in your kicks. Only stop when you feel your hamstrings stretched enough.

The calf: a football warm-up for better use of your calves

For better use of your calves, you need to do calf exercises. It is a type of football warm -up not to be neglected. Granted, it tends to look like fun, but it’s great physical exercise. It allows for dynamic movements.

This type of foot warm -up exercise can be done at rest. To do this, you need to put your hands on the ground. It will nevertheless be necessary to check around you if there is enough space. This will allow you to lift your heels well in the air. If so, simultaneously swing your legs. Don’t forget to relax during exercise. Please repeat this foot warm -up at least ten times with each leg.

The hard sprint: for better speed

If you want to achieve an incredible 37 kilometer sprint like the legendary Kylian MBappé, you have to sprint hard. The latter is one of the best football warm-up exercises . It allows players to occupy the entire field without being exhausted. Please remember that the average speed of a good player is 15 kilometers per hour. To succeed, you must start in a small more accelerated stride very slowly. Cross-country running is also an exercise to include in your training program. It will allow you to be able to run for the full 90 minutes of the game.

Football enthusiasts should remember that the football warm-up is not to be neglected. To become a professional and be talked about, be on time for your warm-up sessions and perform your exercises correctly. In addition to the various exercises mentioned above, you can also jump in hoops, try to overcome obstacles… Be imaginative, but especially work your ischios, your calves and your quadriceps. Also, don’t forget to get the right equipment for better workouts. At this level, it is essential to bet on the best equipment in order to avoid injuries during the exercises.

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