The passion for the online casino has taken on a new dimension in Switzerland. Indeed, computers are no longer the only tools you can use to access online casino platforms. Find out how these young Swiss are enjoying their passion for online games with their smartphones.

The availability of online casinos on smartphones

A few years back, the revolution consisted in the existence of online casinos which allowed enthusiasts to no longer go to physical casinos before playing. Thanks to the rise of mobile telephony and the creation of smartphones, online casinos are now available on mobile phones . In Switzerland or elsewhere in the world, you can access online casino platforms with two different methods.
The first is to download an online casino app from Google Play Store. There you will see a multitude of online casino applications . The different applications that you will see on this platform are secure. Most Swiss online casino apps that you will come across will be free. However, take into account the different advantages that each of them offers before making the final choice.
The second alternative to enjoy your favorite games on your mobile phone is to access a mobile version of the online casino website. Indeed, in the absence of an application, some online casinos allow their visitors to enjoy the same website on their computer and their phone.
The mobile version has all the advantages of the version you have access to with your computer. The legislation does not prohibit young people from gambling. So they do it with real pleasure.

Testimonials from young people who enjoy playing on buses

Gabriel, Léon and Luca are three young Swiss guys who like to gamble online while on the bus. They surrender with joy.


“It has become a ritual for me. The moment I get on a bus, I launch my online casino application. First, playing allows me not to be bored throughout the journey. I have a lot of fun on slot machines. I prefer slot machines because they are the most popular games in online casinos.
Apart from slot machines, I also spend a good part of the trip on video poker. Playing on a smartphone is the perfect way to always be focused on my favorite games and the promotional offers that come up occasionally. Gabriel is 23 years old.


“As soon as the bus leaves, I also start playing on my favorite online casino platform. Online games accompany me on every trip or trip. My platform regularly offers me bonuses and invites me to take advantage of promotions. I am very passionate about table games. To make the most of it, I always play live with real dealers. Sometimes I scare myself by betting a large amount of money in the hope of hitting a jackpot.
By playing card games on my mobile phone, I make my brain work, I try to always make the right choices. The advantage for me of playing on the bus is to have a strong moment of concentration where I can concentrate all my energy on the cards. At just 21 years old, Leon has already made some good money playing online casinos.


“I used to spend the whole trip on the bus sleeping. But since I discovered online casinos, I can’t live without them every time I get on a bus or a taxi. When I started, I didn’t play with real money. I was playing for fun with play money. This method allowed me to practice many games that I still enjoy playing . Indeed, I often play different categories of roulette or baccarat.
Thanks to my platform, which allows me to play live with dealers , I no longer feel the loneliness that used to overwhelm me when I got on the bus” Luca is 19 and discovered online casino games on his cellphone.

Easily deposit and withdraw your winnings

In online mobile casinos, financial transactions are very easy to do. You have the possibility to:

  • deposit money into the account;
  • withdraw winnings;
  • receive bonuses ;
  • multiply bets on several games.

With a very high level of security , mobile applications can, on your authorization, deduct from your bank account the amount of the deposit you wish to make.
Your withdrawals can also be transferred directly to your bank account. Online casinos on mobile phones can therefore allow you to make financial transactions without enormous difficulties. You will also be able to receive the bonuses you receive upon registration after having fulfilled the various conditions necessary to unlock them.
In short, it should be remembered that in Switzerland, young people feel no embarrassment in indulging in casino games. It is a hobby for some and a lucrative business for others. Whatever the objectives pursued, the observation is clear: Young people love to spend time in casinos.

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