Through various videos that circulate on social networks, it can be seen that Cruz Azul fans have a blow fight with personnel from the Private Security of the Azteca Stadium, where the match took place.

However, these people only came to separate a lawsuit that was already taking place between two groups. It can even be clearly seen that a man is brutally beaten while he is on the ground. Kicks, hits and punches.

Agents from the Secretariat of Citizen Security arrived at the area of ​​the events without exerting violence, and to try to calm things down. The protection group advanced with their shields through the rain until the fight was diluted.

Another video highlighted that the fight began in tunnel 9, where Cruz Azul fans tried to advance in the middle of a group of police officers. From the area you can clearly see that a wounded man is coming out, who has bleeding all over his face, and his shirt is the same.

The dialogues are not clear, but various cries can be heard from both parties, and also from women who were present at the scene , and who begged for the confrontation to stop on the north esplanade.

For its part, the Mx League confirmed that the lawsuit took place in the area of ​​tunnel 9 between fans of the local team who were “annoyed by the result” and attacked police officers who guarded order.

“The police contained and dispersed the protesters. There were no detainees,” they reported during the statement circulated on their official Twitter @LigaBBVAMX.

Finally, the representatives of the Mexican League reiterated “their rejection of violence inside and outside the stadiums and calls on the fans to maintain order, respect and healthy coexistence.”

The local team, the Blue Cross Machine, only shared the publication and explanations written in the statement by the Mexican League; So far no details or actions have been provided by the cement producers.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City only indicated the deployment of the Safe Stadium operation in accesses and stands in the Aztec State, but they have not provided any information on violent actions.

It is also unknown if the man who was seriously injured and who can be seen in both videos and photographs, was helped by the security of the place, or if he left without being diagnosed and intervened.

Atlético San Luis gave the big surprise of the day at the end of the first half of their match against Cruz Azul, at the Azteca Stadium, as Ricardo Chávez scored the only goal of the match to win the match, which leaves a record of 4 games won from their last 5 played.

San Luis took the lead towards the end of the first half when Venezuelan Jhon Murillo sent a pass from the left wing to Chávez, who entered the area, eluded the goalkeeper and converted with a low shot.

Thanks to that good moment, the branch of Atlético de Madrid in Mexico already has 23 points, which places it in tenth position when there is one date left on the calendar.

Cruz Azul stumbled for the second time in their last three games and remains with 24 units, in the sixth step and also classified. This is the fifth loss at home for the Machine, which equals what happened to him in Clausura 2016 , his worst performance so far in short tournaments.

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