Ana Maria Aldon y Diego Arrabal They have been the two protagonists of the most tense moment that has been experienced on the set of ‘Viva la vida’ this Sunday. After the continuous insinuations that have taken place during the last weeks about the past of the woman of Ortega Canothe collaborator has dared to ask him the question that everyone was waiting for, all this after watching a video in which Lydia Lozano She said that when Ana María was young, her father forced her to bring money home.

“In your past at some point have you had to practice prostitution?”, Asked the paparazzi to the astonishment of the protagonist. “Never. Never. I find your question absurd. I have never done it. Never. Your question hurts me much more than anything I’ve heard there. If I had to do it, I would have to say it. I answer you with all of the law and looking you in the eye”, She answered emphatically and emphatically, while hinting at the pain that all this information continues to cause him today.

In addition, the protagonist has been asked if the complicated situation she is going through on a personal level has led her to consider leaving television and moving away from the media noise. Her response has left everyone present speechless: “It is not that sometimes I consider leaving television, is that sometimes I consider leaving life. If you consider leaving life, you leave everything”, she slipped. Before this revelation, emma garcia and Arrabal got up to hug him, and, in the case of the paparazzi, to publicly apologize.

To conclude with this topic that brings her down the street of bitterness, Ana María Aldón has assured that “she will not remain silent”, and that it will take the appropriate legal measures against all those who have spread false information about him.

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