The term wasteful defines a person who excessively wastes money. If we were to look in an illustrated dictionary, the word in question would be accompanied by a photo of Floyd Mayweather. The one considered by many as the best boxer of all time has a hole in his pocket proportional to his income, that is, huge. More than enough reason for the one from Michigan to have to go looking for the (golden) beans and that does not take him anywhere else than to grant the rematch to a Conor McGregor who, everything is said, is not very buoyant either.

The pandemic has done a lot of damage to some of Mayweather’s businesses, especially to his premises… to his gentlemen’s clubs. It is what masks and interpersonal distance have in this type of business. If we add to this that, it seems, ‘Money’ spends beyond his means, then it is not surprising that the youtuber Logan Paul has declared on occasion that he has not yet received his share of the purse from the fight in which they clashed and that Floyd is broke.

And it does not have to be easy to be Mayweather. It’s the life of a wannabe influencer, only beyond the Instagram photos and stories. Floyd has to border 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This implies that, for example, he cannot travel like any other mortal, but his status practically forces him to use a private jet even to go for bread. Without going any further, according to a study by the Yard digital marketing agency, the boxer is on a not very prestigious list of celebrities who pollute the most in the world because of the CO2 that his luxury planes give off.

Only singer Taylor Swift pollutes more than Mayweather. An important achievement considering that the study in question indicates that Floyd, directly or indirectly, has emitted more than 7,000 tons of CO2 so far in 2022. In this time, ‘Money’ has made almost 200 flights. Do the math, and then think that if it flies so much and pollutes so much… well, you pay ‘so much’.

Planes, jewelry, watches, luxury cars, even more luxurious restaurants… The life of ‘Money’ Mayweather is a banking Disneyland, or rather, for banks. And of course, you have to look for income. The most immediate will come with a match against Asian mixed martial arts (MMA) star Mikuru Asakura. It will be in September and in Japan, and it will serve as a preview of what everyone points to will be the reissue of his fight against Conor McGregor, which after all is where the real money is. The hundreds of millions of truth.

Mayweather and McGregor already faced each other in 2017 in a boxing match that became a big deal for both parties and their respective promoters. Dana White, president of the UFC, acted as the perfect intermediary with Mayweather Promotions and between all of them, and the charisma of both fighters, they shaped a tour of three press conferences and a fight in which many, many tickets had to be counted. (of the fat ones). Repeating it is little less than playing the lottery having all the tickets.

The Irishman still hasn’t decided when or if he will fight in a UFC cage again. In fact, his most recent tweet as these lines are being written was a farewell, the umpteenth, from mixed martial arts. McGregor knows that in boxing he earns a lot more money than in MMA and he would see with good eyes, with the best, a rematch with Mayweather. So much so that there is even talk of possible dates. According to The Sun, the fight would take place in 2023 somewhere in the Middle East, it would be in the middleweight category (115 pounds) and would be scheduled for 10 rounds.

The British media even dares to give stock figures and talks about how ‘The Notorious’ would take a whopping 157 million dollars. Imagine what Mayweather would take. White and in a bottle… Well, another easy fight for the legacy of a Floyd who would stop playing around with youtubers and the like to see their faces with who has been his most media rival since he decided to cash in with exhibition fights. As any of us mortals would say, you have to pay the bills. Only there are bills and bills… and then the ‘Money’ ones.

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