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Canelo Álvarez ignores the challenge of UFC’s Kamaru Usman

Canelo Álvarez avoids what Kamaru Usman said about a possible fight between the fighters

The boxer Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez each time increases the prospects of rivals , so the fighter will have to reject several offers, no matter how good they look. Such is the case of a possible row with Kamaru Usman , champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), who affirms that “it would be the biggest event in history.”

The current world champion of the World Super Middleweight Boxing Association, Council and Organization Canelo Álvarez on Wednesday ruled out any conversation about a fight against Kamaru Usman before the media , since the UFC mixed martial arts fighter exposed the half DAZN that this would be an achievement for the fans.

“Pay day. Pay day ”was what Canelo Álvarez answered when asked about a fight against Kamaru Usman, however a fight against Artur Beterbiev, champion of 175 pounds, expressed that“ I love the idea ”.

Kamaru Usman told DAZN that a match with Canelo Álvarez “only makes sense because we are in a time when people want to be entertained. So, to entertain people, when in history have we seen the world’s two pound-for-pound fighters in combat sports in their prime? When have we seen them compete? It has never happened ”.

“For us to do so, this will be the biggest, the biggest event in history . The two pound-for-pound fighters in combat sports on top of their prime while dueling. I think it would probably be the biggest event in history, ”he explained.

However, he stressed that he doubted that Canelo Álvarez would get into an octagon , so he pointed out that said fight would take place in a boxing ring: “(Canelo) would not dare to enter here, let’s be honest. Like I said, there is a reason that scares me. That scares me because he is a master at his craft. He’s used to those boxers. We’re different”.

The invitation of the UFC champion Kamaru Usman is not entirely crazy , since many boxers and non-boxers see in the Mexican Canelo Álvarez a possibility of accessing millionaire bags to which they have never had access, as is also the matter of youtubers Jake and Logan Paul, who never tire of challenging Canelo Álvarez to fight him.

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