This is Juliana Carlos, the Woman kicked out of Lakers Game

This is Juliana Carlos, the Woman kicked out of Lakers Game

The past dawn, The Los Angeles Lakers visited the Atlanta Hawks court to end a seven-game road trip away from Staples Center with a victory, but the most striking part of the game occurred when there were only eight minutes to go. In that instant, time stopped because LeBron James began to argue with some fans who were on the track and the atmosphere heated up to such an extent that security personnel even had to intervene. From several meters away, the player threw and received expletives from a follower who claimed to be defending her husband.

That woman is Juliana Carlos, an American influencer who accumulates almost 50,000 followers on Instagram and who wanted to give her version of events on social networks, although she later deleted it. “Chris (her partner) has been a fan of the Hawks forever. He’s been watching the games for 10 years, or whatever. He’s had this issue with LeBron. I ain’t got none with LeBron, I don’t give a shit about LeBron“, she began expressing.

“Anyway, I was on my own, drinking wine, having fun. And suddenly, LeBron says something to my husband. I see him, I get up and say, ‘Don’t talk to my husband!’ He looks at me and says, ‘Sit down, b-tch.’ And I say, ‘Don’t call me a b-tch again. Get out of here. Don’t talk to my husband like that, don’t talk to him. ‘ And literally he tells me: ‘Shut the fuck up and sit down, b-tch‘. And suddenly I’m expelled,” said the young woman, nicknamed Courtside Karen by James himself.

At 25, Juliana lives between Atlanta and Miami and her followers do not stop growing, although this scandal is sure to contribute to their growth even more. In her social networks she boasts of expensive clothes from exclusive firms, confesses makeup and hairdressing tricks and Since last December she has been married to Chris, a businessman from the city with an alcohol distributor and an immense heritage that would have led him to shell out more than $ 25 million on an apartment in Miami.

LeBron James’s version

“There was a tug of war between two grown men. He defended his position and I defended mine, and then someone jumped in to defend his. I didn’t think they deserved to be expelled. I don’t want to say she went overboard, but she got too close to me. I told her what I thought and there she could have stayed. But she was too close to the referees, who heard what she said. Everything was disproportionate. Sometimes, when two boys get into each other or fight on the court it seems that it is more than what it is, and today it has been like that,” said the Lakers ’23’. The difference is that we are on the court and we have not drunk alcohol. Maybe they did drink and thought they were braver than they are“, he settled, already with a smile on his face.

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