GameStop Suspended, the Stock drops back below

GameStop Suspended by Robinhood, the Stock drops back below $90

GameStop Suspended: After Robinhood’s suspension, the stock drops back below $ 90

The last few weeks have been marked by the surge in GameStop’s share price, aided by the action of small investors clustered on Reddit, now Robinhood has suspended Gamestock trades.

The phenomenon has grown to such an extent that number of investors betting against GameStop lost a lot of money, and the financial authorities have taken a keen interest in the subject. Film and television have not been left out, since we learned yesterday that Hollywood and Netflix were already planning to adapt the story to the big and small screen. Today, however, things are starting to return to normal. After peaking at $ 492, the stock is selling and is being bought today at $ 87.16.

To explain this decrease, observers indicate that it is resale movements by WallstreetBets investors having participated in the rise of the course. The latter also seem to be looking for new courses to climb and are losing interest in GameStop for the moment. However, and despite this significant decrease, Gamestop share price remains immensely higher than 8 months ago. Remember that last spring, the share was worth 4 dollars, and that it gradually rose to ignite in January. The case is not, however, an isolated case, since‘we find something similar on the Malaysian side, where short selling was just allowed, and where the share of Top Glove, which makes gloves, climbed 300% before falling again.

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