The economic vice-president of Barcelona, ​​Eduard Romeu, responded with a “we do miracles” to the question of whether a possible return of Leo Messi would be economically viable for the Barça entity, during the presentation of the numbers that he made this Thursday as a preview of the Assembly of Compromising Partners this Sunday.

And Romeu added that “Messi is an asset to Barça and the doors of the club are open to him”. But, in any case, he wanted to point out that it is a question “of sports management” at the press conference held at the Camp Nou.

On the other hand, the Barça leader stated that one of the main economic objectives for the 2022-2023 academic year is “to achieve the highest income in history in sponsorships”, reaching the $197 million dollars, a figure never reached before.

“Our traveling companions (the sponsors) were not entirely happy (referring to the time of Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board) and we have to work in this direction. Especially in a post-pandemic context in which not all companies can make large investments in sponsorships”, considered Romeu, who revealed that the budget foresees $330 million dollars of revenue in the global commercial area.

In addition, the economic vice president admitted that “one of the sponsorships that is being worked on, hand in hand with the vice president Juli Guiu and the commercial department, he is the asset of the left sleeve of the men’s first team”, which has been free since the summer of 2021, when the Turkish company Beko did not renew the contract.

“The time when companies came to the Camp Nou to ask to sponsor Barça is long gone. Now we have to take the suitcase and traveling to close deals, which is what we are doing”, Romeu continued explaining on this subject.

The other section in which the Barça club plans to increase income compared to the 2021-2022 academic year is that of the stadium. “The forecast is to achieve 201 million, 70 more than the previous season,” reported the economic vice president.

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