Ukrainians, who fear that Russian President Vladimir Putin may unleash a nuclear bomb, have organized a wild sex party in case the warmonger’s threat comes true.

More than 15,000 people have signed up for “Orgy in Shchekavystsa: Official”, a massive game organized in a Telegram group in case Putin launches a nuclear explosion, Vice News reported.

Potential participants in the huge carnal extravaganza on a hill outside the capital Kyiv were instructed to adorn their hands with stripes to specify what sexual activities they are interested in, according to the media.

Those who liked anal sex were told to draw three stripes, while revelers in the oral variety might show four.

“It is the opposite of despair. Even in the worst case, people will look for something good. That is the mega-optimism of the Ukrainians,” a woman told Radio Free Europe about the orgy.

“It is an attempt to show that the more they try to scare us, the more we will transform it into something else,” added one man.

The Telegram channel has also posted updates on the ongoing war, describing the counteroffensive efforts in the city of Kherson as “BDSM parties for Russians.”

An air raid siren last week prompted an anxious member of the orgy group to post: “Is it time?” and hundreds responded with smiley face emojis.

Meanwhile, similar groups have popped up, including one advertising an orgy on Derybasivska Street in Odessa, hoping that many will come, Vice reported.

It is feared that Putin is planning a nuclear test on the Ukrainian border, while officials in Kyiv are already handing out potassium iodide pills to guard against a possible nuclear attack.

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