Britney Spears poses naked on the beach and sends a strong message to her mother Lynn

Britney Spears poses naked on the beach and sends a strong message to her mother Lynn

What a surprise Britney Spears has given to her millions of followers on Instagram. Well, as a complement to the video that shows her very happy on the beach -published yesterday- now she shared photos in which she appears naked and wearing only a hat; She herself covered the essentials with heart emoticons, but she wrote next to the images the text: “The people who appear behind will have a story to share with the generations to come.”

Pop princess also caused surprise by a strong message she wrote addressed to her mother Lynne Spears after she asked her to unblock her from social networks so she could fix her problems in private:

“For 13 years I had to meet weekly with doctors to bring up my past, which made things worse! As for my whole family, including my brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles and damn, the entire audience were they high or completely drunk!!! I was the fucking Saint who was scared to move or knew my dad would put me somewhere if I didn’t cooperate, even in America, the land of the free! Years go by and he keeps putting me in a psychiatric hospital!!!! Not a damn person defended me! Mom, take your apologies and f****!!! And to all the doctors for f*cking the mind. I pray that they all burn in hell!!”

It is not common that Britney Spears mention artists other than her contemporaries, but a few weeks ago she published a clip in which she is seen dancing very happily and wearing various outfits. As background music she used a song by the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, and she herself wrote: “My song “Get Naked” and Justin Bieber !!! Me yesterday, here in Maui !!!”

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