The defenses of LaLiga show chest. Top ten players of the competition, according to Olocip, four are central. David Garcia (Osasuna), Paul Torres (Villarreal), Laguardia (Alaves) and Araújo (Barcelona) are the ones that have the most value. The central defender from Osasuna is the fourth best player in the competition with a value of 10.06. He is only surpassed by the Real Madrid players Vinicius and Benzema and the Baetian Juanmi. The next central defender is Pau Torres, fifth, with 9.61. Laguardia from Alava is seventh, with 7.93 and Araújo, ninth, with 7.79.

These data show that LaLiga enjoys a good defense and that the classic soccer paradigm that the best defense is a good attack is changing and now it can also be said that a good attack is a good defense. In fact, Pau Torres and David García have been uncovered like two players who, his good defensive performance, unite his good work offensively. García is the fourth best defender in all of Europe, only surpassed by three in the Premier League.

In fact, LaLiga is the competition that more central has between top ten players of its competition, according to Artificial Intelligence. The English league has three in its Top 10 and all with better scores than the Spanish. What’s more, Thiago Silva, from Chelsea, is the highest rated player in the entire Premier with a value of 12.89. The second is the central of the City, Laporte, with 10.54. The third is Van Dijk, from Liverpool, with 10.25.

The German Bundesliga and Ligue 1 French only have two center backs among the best of your competition. In the German tournament, Lienhart and Schlotterbeck (Freiburg power plants). In the French, marquinhos (PSG) and Girotto (Nantes). Of the major European leagues, it is surprising that the A league Italian only has one center-back among its best players: Acerbi, from Lazio.

Head. The central Osasuna is the player more complete of LaLiga this season. In addition to being the one who has won the most aerial defensive duels so far this season, he is also the top scoring center backwith four goals. There is the peculiar circumstance that all his goals have been after headers.

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