Amilibia’s chronicle: Will Casajoana ask for NATO’s support?

Amilibia’s chronicle: Will Casajoana ask for NATO’s support?

They call the new variant of covid Deltacron: a combination of Delta and Omicron. The WHO says it is a new threat. With it may come the seventh wave and Sánchez will say it’s your fault Putin. The pandemic comes and goes, with its ups and downs, like the crucifixions of the Pantoja, who has not just gotten off Calvary and walks like Blackberry, cries that cries in the corners.

Perhaps he will say in his defense that Putin is also to blame for his own, since his war has made electricity more expensive, turning off the bowling lights. And if there’s no bowling, how does she pay her debt?

While, Erika Casajoana, deputy delegate of the Government to the EU, compares the war in Ukraine with the procés, that is, she compares Sánchez with Putin, Spain with the invading Russia. Casajoana says: “You cannot tell the Ukrainians that they are the champions of European values ​​and, when Spain tramples us, look the other way.” It is possible that very soon, Casajoana will request the sending of NATO troops to Catalonia to defend itself of the Spanish putinescos who trample the Catalan land with their zapateados por bulerías and fandangos. And urgently: that they arrive before Spain decides to use chemical weapons, hypersonic missiles and vacuum bombs.

She will also request, I imagine, disciplinary measures against the trampling country, such as prohibiting imports of chorizo ​​from Cantimpalo and black pudding from Burgos, products that compete unfairly in the EU with fuet and botifarra. And put the exiled in Waterloo, Emperor Puchi, in charge of the defenses. You have to see what Putin and his war give of themselves.

Melissa Galbraith
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