Elche CF has approved all the planned points this Monday on the agenda of its Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Elche, in which the incorporation of Score Club 2019 as a member of the Board of Directors has been ratified, the remuneration of administrators has been authorized and a “historic” benefit has been confirmed, as rated the president Joaquín Buitrago, of 13 million euros corresponding to the last financial year.

These positive results have been the result of the containment of the entity’s expenses.

Buitrago has been in charge of assessing what happened at the Meeting: “It has been historical because, in addition to the fact that it has been calm and the most representative shareholders of Elche have met (some have delegated the vote), historical results have been approved, never seen in the entity.”

“This helps us to continue modernizing the club and to launch the projects we have in mind, which are not few,” added the manager from Elche.

The president of Elche has indicated that this millionaire profit “is not the result of chance, but from the daily work of all the club’s staff, who support the project and now shelter everyone who comes to serve Elche and who has scared everyone who came to use it.”

On the other hand, for the new year 2022, the French-green leader repeats the same wishes as twelve months ago:

“I ask the permanence and that it is not so suffered. We are on the right track, as has been seen in the last matches of 2021, in which teams like Valencia or Barcelona have stood up, and a fairly positive image has been given. This is reflected in the general feeling of the fans. We want to continue down that path and get the points. Surely that way we will achieve the objective sooner rather than later.”

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