The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office asks for nine years in prison for the artist Rafael Amargo for a crime against public health, considering that he sold drugs in his own home to third parties in a “persistent” way in exchange for money.

The Prosecutor’s Office does not ask for punishment for Rafael Amargo’s partner, Luciana Bongianino, which, on the other hand, the judge of the case does consider, together with the other three defendants, a possible author of a crime against public health and another of belonging to a criminal group.

The judge in the case recently concluded the investigation and considered that the dancer was the leader of a group that trafficked drugs, mainly methamphetamine which they sold from the apartment he shared with his wife, using “mules” that carried drugs to buyers.

Thus, he transferred to the Public Ministry and the private accusations so that they could formulate an accusation document, requesting the opening of a trial or the dismissal of the case.

Now the Prosecutor’s Office concludes that Rafael Amargo committed a crime against public health by selling narcotic substances to third parties “persistently” in exchange for money, acting “jointly” with the producer Eduardo de Santos and the other partner investigated.

Details the public ministry that during the months of April and December 2020, the dancer and the producer “had been dedicating themselves in a concerted and persistent manner to the distribution of narcotic substances, among other methamphetamine, to third parties in exchange for money.”

To this end, they acquired the substance “jointly” from the different suppliers, to later distribute it between both and sell it to third parties.

Thus, Bitter sold narcotic substances to the people who came to his home in Madrid, and other times “he would send the substance to the place where the client indicated, for which the also defendant Miguel Ángel BL used his trusted man”, who knew what he was carrying and that “after making the delivery he returned home to give him the money obtained from the sale ”.

As an example, the Prosecutor’s Office reports that on April 27 of 2020, this partner was surprised by the Police when he was about to deliver a client in exchange for 50 euros, a sachet with methamphetamine with a net weight of 0.943 grams and a purity of 76.7%, with an illegal market value of 24.42 euros in its sale per gram, a substance that had been collected minutes before from Amargo’s home, “where he had to return to deliver the money.”

Likewise, as a result of the surveillance devices that were established over the dancer’s home, the agents observed “how many people came who, after accessing it and staying inside for a few minutes, left again in a hurry, the police proceeding to identify two of them, intervening a narcotic substance that had been acquired at said address, raising the corresponding arrest records”.

The Prosecutor’s Office recalls that by order of December 1 of 2020, issued by the Court of Instruction number 48 of Madrid, the entry and search was authorized in the homes of the accused and in the house of Amargo three cans of “Popper” (alkyl nitrites) were involved, a sachet with phenylethylamine with a net weight of 0.089 grams, and a bottle with six milliliters of “GBL” with a market value of 314.19 euros in its sale by grams.

In the case of Eduardo de Santos, the narcotic agents seized, among other substances ketamine and “Popper”, a plastic wrap with 56 grams of methamphetamine with a purity of 76%, with a market value of 1,452.14 euros in its sale per gram, and a bottle with 6.8 milliliters of “GBL”With a market value of 356.08 euros in its sale per gram (5,800 euros).

Rafael Amargo was released and has continued his artistic activity after his arrest on December 1 of 2020 for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organization.

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