Real Madrid approved and suspended: Asensio disappointed, Isco surprised and Mendy decided

Real Madrid approved and suspended: Asensio disappointed, Isco surprised and Mendy decided

Real Madrid took a Pyrrhic 0-1 from Bergamo and thanks to a right hand from Mendy that is becoming a brand of the houseto. By class and by unexpected in a left-handed side. Zidane tried to surprise Gasperini without a clear tip but Asensio disappointed with a false nine and it was Isco, the recovered one, who fought better near the rival area. Vinicius was willing until a change in 56 ‘that says a lot and finally Mendy resolved. This Madrid needs help wherever it comes from and the Frenchman has become an arsenal.

This was the one by one of Real Madrid in Bergamo …


One more spectator at the empty Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo. Since Atalanta lost Freuler and then Zapata, it had to go cold.


He received a blow that endangered his presence and was able to rekindle the gap that Madrid suffers (due to injuries) on that right side. Compliant and efficient, as always, although without fanfare.


He had the first big chance in the 26th minute, entering like a cyclone on the left wing and his left-handed shot went close to the square. Before, as in San Siro, he had to fight a forward with an imposing physique. That time he dried Lukaku and Zapata until the Colombian was injured. He is supplying Ramos with an A.


Since Duvan Zapata and then Luis Muriel left, he went on to defend nobody. Ilicic fled from the French. He was not seen in one of his weapons, his danger from set pieces in the offensive strategy.


One of the best of Madrid in Bergamo and a player who offers more and more different facets. In fact, it was capital in its first rise to the attack. He went up with faith and forced the red on Freuler, an action in which he reached 32 kilometers per hour. He saved the danger of taking the tie very alive to Madrid.


He saw a yellow that was only in the mind of referee Tobias Stieler and that makes him miss the second leg. A second card was played in a fall in the rival area.


He sent three missiles from afar, but that didn’t help his team untie Gasperini’s team either. Still, German is still sweet.


He had a hit with the outside in 46 ‘that came a couple of centimeters from Gollini’s post. He looked for her insistently although he could barely crack the Nerazzurri wall except in that action and two kicks from afar.


It was the piece to take the ball from Atalanta based on having it. He snaked and snaked and nearly drew 0-1 amid a sea of ​​Nerazzurri legs. It surprised and for good. Solid and intelligent game from Malaga when it seemed that he is more out than in Madrid. There is still a footballer in it.


He looked for Toloi, the burly side that fell to the right. Spectacular pass to Mendy in the play of the red. He left at 56 ‘to leave his place to Mariano and Madrid tactically noticed it, due to lack of overflow and because Atalanta was able to close on Mendy.


Of false nine, as with Lopetegui in Madrid and the National Team. One of his gray nights. Awkward, disconnected, and not even quarrelsome. He disappointed until Zidane decided to put all the gunpowder he had left.


He entered to be that revulsive that sometimes is but did not have a clear option to score a goal. Better said, not half. It will not be ostracized.


He entered through a bad Asensio in 75 ‘and had even one chance. He put his leg in and was a warrior, which is required of a youth squad or young man on a stage of this caliber.


He was part of the castillista double change. In his case by a cast Isco. He could barely contribute between the lines.

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