Pepe Reina, at the center of the controversy for his reply to Pablo Echenique

Pepe Reina, at the center of the controversy for his reply to Pablo Echenique

The Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina has once again been at the center of the controversy after speaking out on his social networks about one of the current political issues. The current Lazio goalkeeper responded in the last hours to Pablo Echenique after he echoed the altercations that occurred this Wednesday in Vallecas during a VOX rally on the occasion of the elections to the presidency of the Community of Madrid.

Your message has received all kinds of comments

It is not the first time that the Spanish goalkeeper gets ‘wet’ in a matter of politics, nor is he surprised by the thousands of comments he has received for a few hours. “Miserable!!! Soon the story is going to end … PEACEFULLY and at the polls !! ”, wrote the footballer in response to the United We Can politician.

Pepe Reina, as a result of this comment, has become a trend in recent hours in social networks for generating a lot of controversy and division of opinions. In this case, the Spanish goalkeeper did not want to miss the opportunity to respond to Echenique’s message that he published yesterday: “today some posh have gone to Vallecas to try to provoke the neighbors with bravado. They have peacefully reminded them of their boss’s little love for work and he has come after them to cause a burden. Tomorrow the TVs will lie to you and tell you it was the other way around ”.

Soldier gets wet too

Echenique also received the response from Roberto Soldado, footballer from Granada who also usually responds to these types of messages: “Here the only one who provokes and tells lies is you, MISERABLE !!!”, using the same disqualification as his colleague, Pepe Reina.

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