Sohaib Maqsood has pointed to over-enthusiasm as the reason why Pakistan lost most World Cup matches against India until last year. Maqsood also mentioned that Pakistan has started to look at these matches beyond hype and treats them as ordinary games that benefit their performance.

Matches between India and Pakistan are always full of excitement and fans are usually on the edge of their seats when these two teams meet. India has an advantage in World Cup games throughout the history of the sport. They had won every World Cup match before last year’s encounter in the T20 World Cup. Pakistan had beaten India by 10 wickets in a group match.

Reflecting on India’s dominance in the India-Pakistan World Cup match, Sohaib Maqsood stated that Pakistan usually lose due to overexcitement.

“The reason for the constant defeat of the green jerseys against India in the World Cup matches is that the Pakistan team got overexcited (sic). However, in the recent past, our team started treating Indo-Pak matches as normal and also improved our performance,” Maqsood told Geo News.

India will face Pakistan in the 2022 edition of the asian cup on August 28 and both teams hope to start their campaign with a win.

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