Fall Guys, a new Sonic event is coming

Fall Guys, a new Sonic event is coming

The most famous porcupine in the world of video games is ready to land on Fall Guys as well

Fall Guys it continues to be a very popular game among the community and therefore its developers continue to update and improve it. After the recent conversion to a free-to-play title and after the leak involving a partnership with Sonic, Fall Guys has seen several new updates and events dedicated to other icons of the video game world, one above all the one dedicated to Master Chief from Halo. But the developers continue their work and will soon release a new event dedicated to Sonicthe most famous porcupine in the world of video games.

Fall Guys and Sonic together for a great event

The news comes directly from the now known Rebs Gaming which is always very precise and fast in giving information on games and events. On this occasion he wanted to share with all his followers that A new event is coming to Fall Guys which will be dedicated to Sonic and will be held from 11 to 15 August. As you can see in the images in the tweet at the bottom of the article, in fact, the men protagonists of the game all have skins dedicated to the blue hedgehog. But the information doesn’t end there.

Among the other photos that have been published, we can see three others that illustrate some characteristics of the individual characters in question and that will surely be very useful for all those who want to try their hand at playing Fall Guys disguised as Sonic characters. In addition, there are challenges and objectives that players will have to complete in order to receive rewards that vary depending on the task performed.

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