Sean McVay spoke about the availability of the former Lions player

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford can no longer be considered one of the best active players in the NFL for not having won a playoff game, nor for not winning a Super Bowl, both of which he eliminated from his resume. Last season, however, that doesn’t mean the challenges are over for the former Detroit Lions player.

When his team opens its championship defense next Thursday when they take on the Buffalo Bills in the NFL Kickoff, it will almost certainly be with Stafford on the field at SoFi Stadium, but injuries, which have not been a constant in the career of the former first-round draft pick, they are an unknown quantity for the team led by head coach Sean McVay.

What injury does Matthew Stafford have?

Stafford has been experiencing soreness in his elbow that has prevented him from practicing 100% for the Rams and even participating for the entire preseason, during the process the concern has grown and some believe that this pain will be something that Stafford will have to deal with during the whole season.

For now, both McVay and Stafford have spoken on the subject leading up to the game against the Bills, and in both cases, at least publicly, they seem unconcerned, with the still-young head coach even being asked if he would hesitate to allow his quarterback to throw the ball more than 50 times in a game this season.

Sean McVay’s short answer
“Without hesitation,” McVay said.

Stafford has shown the same confidence, who isn’t afraid of having pain management issues during a game full of passing offenses.

“I don’t know if you guys were watching,” Stafford said. “I felt like I could make any pitch I wanted. I just try to be smart when I get those opportunities to make sure I can go out here, drop it, drop it like I did (in training camp) and go from there.”


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