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The controversy over the quarantine to which tennis players have been subjected before competing in the Australian Open has already transcended the world of tennis and athletes of other modalities have also pronounced on the strict measures that have been established.

One of these athletes has been the Irish fighter Conor McGregor, who regretted the attitude of the tennis players and said that they had to be grateful for being able to compete. “I’m surprised tennis players want to make this mess. We have to do the right thing here, you know. A lot is happening here and there is a lot of risk. It is their duty to do what they can. Being able to compete in such a prestigious tournament and having to serve a two-week quarantine, they should welcome it with open arms.”

McGregor wanted to ask Djokovic and the rest of the players to have a common position and to enjoy being able to compete. “I would like to ask the players to act together and accept it, enjoy it and be happy to be able to compete. People can’t go to work and children can’t go to school. And tennis players complain for two weeks? of isolation? Come on, guys.”

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