Euroleague The Red Star guard averages 18.7 points per game in the Euroleague

Madrid already scan the market heading into next season and has started to move, as evidenced by the fact that the signing of Thomas Heurtel in summer is taken for granted. Aware that there may be a few casualties, the whites already have some names on the agenda.

The first one is that of Jordan Loyd, Red Star shooting guard and former Valencia Basket and Raptors. He is 27 years old, 1.93 meters tall and the second top scorer in the Euroleague. He’s averaging 18.7 points per game, only behind Mike James, CSKA guard (20.4).

Loyd showed his extraordinary quality last season in Valencia, although the taronja team did not retain him. He’s a great scorer who is averaging a 32.7% in triples this campaign. Has a great ease of generating your own pitches, overflows in the One against one and has a good physique to finish near basket.

Madrid has fixed on Loyd as possible Jaycee Carroll replacement, the foreigner with the most matches in the history of the white club and a legend of the entity. Whoever takes his place will have a very difficult time matching his merits.

Loyd ends contract with Red Star, but other greats like CSKA are also watching. The main hndicap for Madrid is that it is not community while Carroll did not occupy a foreign position when he became an Azerbaijani national for years. At present, the non-EU positions in the Endesa League are held by Trey Thompkins and Gabriel Deck, who could go to the NBA in the summer.

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